*By Ary Silveira Bueno and Walter Thomaz Júnior

Are you using Artificial Intelligence?

An incredible and still unknown universe of possibilities is unfolding with the increasingly intensive use of AI in human activities.

It is still unknown for companies what real opportunities and scope this new resource will bring to business.

Without a doubt, AI lends itself to working with a huge amount of data, even if dispersed, in an assertive way to seek targeted answers to the problems proposed. In this way, it presents itself as an excellent tool for inspection.

In imports, the use of AI by the RFB with SISAM (Customs Selection and Machine Learning System), the Product Catalog and its structured fields and the Inspection productivity bonus, increase the level of risk of occurrence of customs tax liabilities .

It is important to understand that there are controls (treatments and monitoring) that mitigate this risk and can also bring tax gains to Comex operations.

Unequivocally, the implementation of a customs compliance program, such as the OEA, is a feasible solution for all importing companies, regardless of their structure and size.

We invite you to learn about the OAS Program, with the ASPR team and with the specialist, founding partner of Portorium, lawyer Walter Thomaz Júnior.

*Ary Silveira Bueno, Founder and Director of ASPR
*Walter Thomaz Júnior, Founding Partner of Portorium

Notice: The opinion presented in this article is the responsibility of its author and not of ABES - Brazilian Association of Software Companies

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