Committees and Working Groups

In order to encourage the participation of members in the entity's projects and in the direction of the Brazilian software and services industry, ABES created, in 1995, the Working Groups (WG) which, since 2013, started to use the name of Committees . They function as forums for discussing specific issues related to the sector, presenting proposals and action plans. The functioning of the committees and WGs are guided by an internal regulation established by the association, which defines the best practices: functioning, form of action, results and reports.

On a daily basis, the committees and WGs must maintain a constant communication channel between the membership, the Deliberative Council and the Executive Board.

Contributions from Committees and Working Groups (WGs)

Along its trajectory, ABES has already promoted the creation of several Committees and GTs, such as: Mercosur/External Market, Multimedia, IT in Public Schools, Anti-piracy, Telecommunications and Tax and Tax Matters. They generated work plans that brought great advances and effectively contributed to reducing the operating costs of companies, simplifying the tax framework in Brazil and improving the regulation of the sector.

A great example was the approval of Complementary Law 116, which determined that IT activities should only collect ISS, including the elaboration of computer programs and the licensing or assignment of the right to use software.

New Committees and GTs

ABES is always open to suggestions on topics related to the creation of new committees and WGs. Participate!

BI and Analytics Committee

The initiative aims to stimulate the Brazilian Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics market, which is on the rise, and generate synergistic actions among member companies. Promoting data literacy is also part of the scope of this committee. According to the ABES/IDC 2021 Study, companies placed investments in BI, Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the list of priorities, opening an opportunity to bring more relevance to the topic.

Leaders: Cesar Ripari and Érico Aleixo

Business Development Committee

It aims to promote business, boost partnerships, exchange experiences and articulate actions that value companies in the ICT sector, encouraging innovative management and entrepreneurship. It is a committee for C-Levels and professionals from the Commercial, Marketing and Sales areas of the associated companies.

Leader: André Elias Gonçalves

Future Labor Committee

This committee was created to connect all associates in order to map the converging needs between them and to discuss trends in People Management, in view of the expansion of remote work and automation, the need for new technical and emotional skills of employees, health policies. encouraging inclusion and diversity, among other topics on the Future of Work. This integration forum should also promote a dialogue between the technology sector, public policy makers, professionals in the area of education and human resources, bearing in mind that it is essential to encourage collaboration between various actors in order to create actions that meet growing demand for technology professionals.

Leaders: Alcely Barroso e Luciana Siciliano

Regulatory Committee

Created in June 2014, the Regulatory Committee aims to discuss regulatory issues of national relevance to the technology and software sector, enabling entrepreneurs and their representatives to participate more intensively in debates around laws, policies and government programs that impact the ICT sector. The committee will contribute to the entity's position in favor of a regulatory environment favorable to market development, a role that is part of ABES's mission.

Among the topics on the Regulatory Committee's agenda are competitiveness, taxation and incentives, regulation of the Marco Civil, Personal Data Protection Draft and the improvement of the Computer Law. The Committee has already played an important role in drawing up the “For a Digital and Competitive Brazil” plan, delivered to presidential candidates and candidates for state governments during the 2014 Election campaign and signed by ABES, Assespro and Brasscom.

Leader: Andriei Gutierrez and Leticia Lewis

Startups Committee
This committee's goal is to foster the development of software startups, through actions to disseminate knowledge, connect and propose public policies.

Leaders: Cassio Spina e Eduardo Felipe Matias

A fim de alcançar esse objetivo, ele está estruturado em 3 grupos de trabalho, com diferentes atribuições:

  • Leis e Políticas Públicas: analisar e debater a legislação e as políticas públicas atualmente existentes e as dificuldades do setor, formulando propostas que contribuam para impulsionar o ecossistema de startups;
  • Contratações Públicas: estimular a contratação de startups pelo Estado com base no novo regime de licitações criado pelo Marco Legal das Startups, promovendo a difusão desse mecanismo por meio da conscientização dos agentes públicos e dos empreendedores, procurando garantir que a soluções inovadoras sejam adotadas em benefício da sociedade; e
  • Conexões e Relacionamento: promover a conexão entre as startups da ABES e as demais empresas associadas, para o desenvolvimento conjunto de negócios, mapeando, para tanto, as atividades por elas desenvolvidas e divulgando internamente seus produtos e serviços, a fim de estabelecer parcerias.
ESocial Working Group

Created in December 2020, this WG focuses on discussing the topic, creating and maintaining a dialogue between the association and the government, since ICT companies, in addition to having to deliver data through eSocial, also provide platforms and systems that all companies use. Linked to the Regulatory Committee.

Leaders: Reinaldo Rodrigues and Luciana Miranda

Public Procurement Working Group

Created in October 2020, the ABES Public Procurement WG established as a guideline to present proposals for modernization, simplification, transparency and greater legal certainty in the public procurement environment, based on the interlocution of the association with the Executive and Legislative powers. To this end, the WG plans to: 1) analyze and propose strategies that lead to greater participation by startups, small and medium-sized companies in public procurement, as well as greater transparency and simplification of the processes for the acquisition of goods, services and innovation projects; 3) actively propose public policies for the modernization of the public procurement regulatory environment, including all legal instruments applicable to bidding in Brazil; 3) suggest strategies that include public procurement as a factor that transforms public services, accelerates the digital economy and induces innovation, among other initiatives. Linked to the Regulatory Committee.

Leaders: Ludmar Sant'Anna and Susana Santos

Taxation Working Group

Linked to the Regulatory Committee, the idea of creating the Taxation Working Group, formed in July 2015, arose from the identification of a growing concern for tax issues, as well as the need to involve the entity more deeply in the elaboration of projects that aimed at improving the relevant regulatory frameworks for the sector.

The Taxation WG proposes to study issues related to the taxation of transactions with software and other information technology services, to propose to ABES, through the Regulatory Committee, actions related to the taxation of these activities, in addition to disseminating information, tips or suggestions on the theme for the other associates, a fundamental topic for the good progress of business and the competitiveness of Brazilian companies.

Leaders: André Iizuka and Mércia Barbosa

Data Protection Working Group

The Working Group on the LGPD - General Data Protection Law (Law No. 13,709 / 2018) was created in December 2018, with the aim of deepening the understanding of the law and promoting the debate on its impacts and challenges for the sector, as well as to discuss proposals regarding the future regulation of the LGPD. Sanctioned in August 2018, the LGPD, which provides for the guarantee of privacy of personal data and clearer rules on the processes of collection, storage and sharing of this information, should take effect from the second half of 2020. This standard is applicable all sectors of the economy and provides for severe sanctions, especially in the event of data leakage. Linked to the Regulatory Committee.

Leaders: Daniella Caverni Machado and Francisco Eduardo Espuny

Cybersecurity Working Group

It aims to establish an important space for internal discussions and monitoring of specific regulations, engagement with stakeholders, in addition to promoting the exchange and dissemination of information between members and the most diverse segments of society. Cybersecurity is a theme that cuts across all socioeconomic sectors. ABES understands that it is a priority to foster a safer digital environment that guarantees a successful digital transformation process. WG linked to the Regulatory Committee.

Leaders: Márcio Gonçalves, Afonso Lamounier and Cláudio Moreira Neiva

Artificial Intelligence Working Group

Its objective is to deepen the debate on the subject before the launch of the Brazilian AI Strategy (EBIA) and in front of the debates on the regulation of the use of artificial intelligence technologies in Brazil and in the world. In addition, the group aims to unite the members, as well as to position the entity together with the main public and private actors working on the subject. GT linked to the Regulatory Committee

Leaders: Loren Spíndola and Eduardo Paranhos

Any associated company can participate in the Committees, open to external entities that are invited by members.

For more information, contact us or contact ABES Relationship Center.

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