Certidões ABES
As authorized by Law No. 14,133/21 (new legislation on Bidding and Administrative Contracts that came into force on 04/01/2021) and by Law No. 8,666/93 (which will continue to be valid until 03/31/2023, depending on the period transition), ABES issues four types of certificates intended to speed up the purchase process by public entities and governmental bodies, without carrying out bids or auctions, which are classified into the following types: Affiliation Certificate, Standard Certificate, Special Certificate and Certificate of Origin. The certificates are only provided to companies registered in Brazil (with CNPJ). To request the certificates, the associate must contact by email: certidao@abes.org.br.
In this way, the associate complies with the rules of the processes involving the Government, which is an important service contractor and buyer, with a recognized document and a suitable issuer.

ABES fulfills the legal requirements for issuing the certificates provided for in this law, which are classified into the following types: MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATE, STANDARD CERTIFICATE, SPECIAL CERTIFICATE, CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN.

Since this service was created in 1993, more than 26 thousand certificates have been issued, which demonstrates its importance in promoting and facilitating the business of member companies.

Certificates are always issued by express request, in writing (via fax, email or mail) from the associated companies. This document is issued with a 180-day validity period and can be presented, during this period, in several public tenders in which the requesting companies will participate.

General information:

  • Any certificate is only issued if the applicant company is strictly up to date with their associative contributions;
  • Payment of the certificate can be made by deposit, DOC, electronic funds transfer or boleto - only after payment is the certificate released;
  • The deadlines for issuing the document start from the moment that the member was able to meet all the requirements for sending original documentation to ABES and making the payment;
  • All ABES certificates (with the exception of FILIACAO) are intended to comply with Law 8666/93.
Model Declarations: