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The LGPD Business Forum is a national hub for the search for synergy in the private sector both for legal security and for the promotion of the culture of data protection in Brazil.

Fórum Empresarial LGPD

Since August 2020 a broad group of business entities had been meeting and seeking synergies between actions to promote legal security for the application of the LGPD and the advancement of the culture of data protection and privacy in the country. The specific agenda included three main claims: the creation of ANPD, the vote on a Provisional Measure that extended the entry into force of the LGPD and the vote on a Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment to elevate the regulation of personal data protection to the exclusive condition of the Union The group was victorious in the first election, lost in the second and continued chasing the third.

Now, the former LGPD Front, consolidates itself in the LGPD Business Forum with an established governance policy, being a multi-sectorial, non-partisan coalition with no legal personality, formed by entities, associations and confederations representing the business sector.

If your organization wants to be part of this hub, read our Foundation Letter and subscribe it through the relgov@abes.org.br.

Pesquisa Fórum LGPD 2022
Resultado da Pesquisa Fórum LGPD 2021

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Preliminary Text of the CTIA - AI Regulatory Framework sent to the Federal Senate (05/03/2024)
Document was delivered to ANPD on 03/07/2023 - LGPD Forum - PRIORITY AGENDA - 2023
LGPD Forum - Positioning on International Transfer
LGPD Forum - International Seminar on International Data Transfer
LGPD Forum - Business Sector Manifesto by voting on MP 1.124/2022 (ANPD Independence)
LGPD Forum - Manifesto of the Business Sector for the Independence of the ANPD
LGPD Front - Letter of Principles for Responsive Regulation of the LGPD
LGPD Front - Public Notice
LGPD Front - Note for MP9595 voting

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The LGPD Business Forum promoted a super event on 01/28, the International Data Protection Day, in which great names gathered to talk about “The #LGPD's Journey for Legal Security”.


Launch of the 1st Survey of the LGPD Business Forum.


Launch of the LGPD Business Forum.


With Rodolfo Fücher, president of ABES; Andriei Gutierrez, coordinator of the ABES Regulatory Committee; Angela Rehem, by ABEMD – Brazilian Association of Data Marketing; Fabiano Barreto, by CNI – National Confederation of Industry; André Sucupira, from Serpro; and Ricardo Almeida, spokesperson for the National Confederation of Store Leaders (CNDL) and SPC Brasil. The moderation was led by Mariana Castro, by the LGPD Front.


With the special participation of Jose Ricardo Veiga, Secretary of State Modernization (General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic; Thomaz Côrte Real, from ABES; Ana Paula Bialer, from Brasscom; Marcos Vinicius Ottoni, from the National Health Confederation (CNSaúde); and Elias Abdala Neto, for the Competitive Brazil Movement (MBC) Moderation led by Andriei Gutierrez, coordinator of the Regulatory Committee and the Brazil Movement, Digital Country, and Rodolfo Fücher, president of ABES.


With the participation of senators Eduardo Gomes (MDB-TO) and Izalci Lucas (PSDB-DF); Federal Deputy Ângela Amin (PP-SC), Director of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), José Gontijo, and Director of Telecommunications Services (MiniCom), Miriam Wimmer. Moderated by Andriei Gutierrez, coordinator of the ABES Regulatory Committee.


With the participation of senator Eduardo Gomes (MDB -TO), author of PEC 17; Federal Rep. Orlando Silva – rapporteur of the General Data Protection Law and PEC 17 in the Chamber of Deputies; Marcos Pinto, Deputy Deputy Chief of Economic Policy at the Civil House; by Daniela Marques; Special Adviser to the Deputy Chief of Legal Affairs of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR); and Arthur Pereira Sabbat, Director of the Information Security Department of the Institutional Security Office of the Presidency of the Republic (GSI).

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