Report Piracy

Do you believe you have been a victim of the use of illegal software?
Do you suspect or know of any cases?

The violation of the intellectual property right provided for in the software law (Law No. 9609/1998) is classified as a crime of private criminal action, depending on the direct and exclusive initiative of the software copyright holder to take the appropriate measures. anyone who suspects that a person or company is using or selling unlicensed software, can contact the software owner and / or his representative to understand the best way to make a complaint, contributing to a more competitive Brazil and fighting unfair competition .

For this purpose, it is sufficient to directly contact the company from which the rights were allegedly violated, whose data can be found in the list of members available on the ABES Portal, through the link below:

Important: Do not include personal or sensitive data in the complaint, as defined in Law No. 13.709 / 18.