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ABES implemented its INTEGRITY PROGRAM, in 2018 and, shortly thereafter, based on a survey conducted by the entity with its associates, to assess the degree of maturity in relation to the integrity and compliance, the entity decided to launch the Program AN ETHICAL COMPANY. This action aims to encourage its associates to formally adopt the highest ethical standards in dealing with their internal or external affairs; improve the standard of behavior in dealing with customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and government agents; and create formal norms to implement them. Since July 2021, ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries) has partnered with ABES to offer this program to its more than 200 member companies.

This program is in line with ABES 'purpose of helping to build a business environment in Brazil that is conducive to innovation, ethical, dynamic and globally competitive. In this way, the entity encourages the union of companies in the ICT sector around initiatives that comply with Brazilian anti-corruption legislation and the best international practices.

The program has 3 components: Compliance Policy, Compliance Training and Reporting Channel, offered free of charge to members, who also have support from the Compliance Officer and the ABES Legal Department to resolve doubts, when developing their own initiatives and to implement the three pillars.

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Since November 2020, ABES has provided its associates with the CERTIFICATE AN ETHICAL COMPANY, which is awarded to companies that officially joined the program and promoted all three pillars. The certificate is valid for 12 months, period counted from the date of issuance of the document, when the associate will need to prove that the pillars are being respected and are part of the company's daily routine.



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Learn more about the program and get to know the companies that have already joined on the website


Machete download of template of the Code of Ethics and Conduct made available by ABES to its members.


Machete download of the template Telework Policy , developed by ABES to assist companies in defining guidelines for implementing the home office.