LGPD Diagnosis

With the objective of guiding companies from different sectors regarding the requirements of the legislation, ABES and the EY consultancy developed the tool LGPD Diagnosis, which demonstrates the organization's level of compliance.

Free to access, the tool consists of a questionnaire through which companies can carry out a self-assessment regarding the different points required by law. Once completed, the system issues a diagnosis of the company's degree of compliance, with suggestions on what should be changed in operations to ensure compliance with the law.

To use it, it is not necessary to send personal or company information, such as name, CPF/CNPJ, among others.

The answers sent anonymously regarding the adequacy of the organization to the LGPD are used to produce general reports on the compliance scenario of Brazilian companies, disclosed through the ABES LGPD Index. Statistical data can be viewed on the dashboard page: https://abes.com.br/LGPD/.

Enjoy and access the ABES/EY LGPD Diagnosis tool for free now:  https://diagnosticolgpd.abes.org.br/.

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