International Partnerships

BayBrazil - USA: to bring the ecosystem of Brazilian and American professionals and companies closer, in addition to promoting interaction and business between Silicon Valley and Brazil, ABES signed a partnership with BayBrazil, a non-profit organization located in Silicon Valley (USA). BayBrazil's board is made up of American and Brazilian executives who live in the San Francisco Bay area and represent entrepreneurs, investors and corporations engaged in the development of cutting-edge technology. Letter of agreement signed in October 2019.

Brazil-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro: An ABES partner since June 2022, the Brazil-Israel Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rio de Janeiro is a non-profit entity that aims to foster bilateral relations between Brazil and Israel from a commercial perspective. It has partners in the states of Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná and São Paulo, in addition to a representative from the Northeast region, in order to enable its associates to maximize business opportunities between the two nations. More information:

Brazil - Canada Chamber of Commerce (CCBC): signed in July 2019, this partnership aims to establish joint efforts to support the internationalization of startups and SMEs within the Brazil-Canada axis, promoting entrepreneurship and healthy competitiveness between companies, in their respective sectors, such as: mobility, health, finance, artificial intelligence, internet of things, among many others.

Canadian-Brazilian Business Federation (FCCB): ABES signed, in December 2022, a strategic partnership with the Canadian-Brazilian Business Federation (FCCB), a non-profit entity founded in 2009 with the aim of stimulating bilateral trade between Canada and Brazil by supporting Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), Startups and Entrepreneurs . Its mission is to strengthen and expand bilateral entrepreneurship, investment and trade relations, acting at all levels of government, universities, associations, innovation and business hubs. For this, FCBB promotes contact networks and public and exclusive events for its clients, such as seminars, conferences, receptions and meetings. Each case is handled individually. Under the presidency of engineer and executive Sergio Frias, the entity currently brings together around 100 professionals in various fields of activity, in Brazil and Canada. For further information, visit the website

IBI-Tech - Israel: established in June 2019, ABES 'partnership with IBI-Tech (Israel Brasil Innovations LTD), an Israeli company with a branch in Brazil, aims to join efforts to support the coming of information technology companies from Israel to Brazil. They will have more than 30 years of ABES experience in the legal, regulatory and tax areas, knowledge and practice that enable the entity to support foreign companies that wish to operate in the Brazilian market, in addition to strengthening relationships and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs in both countries.