Sustainability Diagnosis


ABES Sustainability Diagnosis for technology companies

Companies have long-term goals of growth, job creation and profitability. But, a company's mission goes beyond that. Companies, including information technology and software companies, have a role to play in society and can act in favor of preserving the environment, reducing inequality, valuing diversity and solving social problems. Therefore, the organizations' adherence to a management model that encourages sustainable development, guided by good ESG practices and policies (environmental, social and governance) is increasing.

And, to further contribute to the improvement of companies' management in this direction, ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Industry has developed this management performance analysis tool, from the perspective of sustainability and ESG concepts.

This is a unique and unprecedented opportunity. So, we invite you to fill in the diagnosis and, at the end, receive an analysis of your company's performance, as well as an indication of actions for the next steps aimed at improving management with a focus on ESG.

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