CEDOC - Documentation Center

ABES created in 1995, in partnership with a consultancy specialized in the organization of documents, the Documentation Center - CEDOC, which has a team trained to efficiently organize the extensive documentation on the software sector, its history, legislation, history of actions and anti-piracy campaigns, as well as important information on ABES's trajectory, from its foundation to the current days.

This knowledge cataloged by the department is important for the entity and its associates to follow the evolution of the segment. CEDOC preserves documents and provides services to support research, preparing presentations and analyzing market changes.

For this reason, the methodology used aims to build a base of agile consultations and with useful data, not only for the internal public, but also for the associates and the community.

The collection, partially digitized, consists of information registered in different media: paper, audiovisual and digital, and is available to the member, who can request access to the documents he needs.

CEDOC assists in the management and transport of information, to facilitate the routine of professionals who are constantly on the move, enabling access to the desired material from different channels and in a precise manner.

For more information, contact us or contact ABES: (11) 5094 3100.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.