National partnerships

 Fostering Innovation

ABES and Embrapii – (Brazilian Association of Research and Industrial Innovation) announced, in October 2022, a strategic alliance in order to encourage innovation and RD&I projects in digital transformation. Other objectives of the agreement are:

  • Stimulate joint projects between companies and UEs (Embrapii units);
  • Encouraging the EUs to deepen their research on priority topics in the software sector;
  • Support and promote EMBRAPII Days and meetings with the objective of bringing the UEs closer to companies in the software sector.

Embrapii maintains dozens of accredited units throughout Brazil, which have state-of-the-art infrastructure, high technical capacity, experience with companies and excellence in innovation. It finances projects on different technological fronts, such as: artificial intelligence, internet of things, manufacturing 4.0, connectivity, among others.


The Paraíba Education, Technology and Culture Foundation (Funetec-PB) is a private, non-profit institution whose mission is to promote the economic and social development of Brazil through support for the management of institutions that promote Science, Technology and Innovation, such as universities, technological institutes, companies and other public, private or third sector institutions. Know more:

Instituto Brasil Digital is a non-profit association, which consolidates the social actions of the company MicroPower since 2001. Its purpose is: “to promote Innovation and the Digital Transformation of Processes and Business Models, anticipating trends and sharing best practices, with special attention to Education, Professional Training and Quality of Life of People, and their activities in Business, Governments and Society, in an Inclusive and Sustainable way”. More information:

 Startup Internship Program

Anjos do Brasil is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster Brazilian entrepreneurship, through the dissemination of knowledge, connecting supporters (angel investors) to new entrepreneurs and promoting public policies to encourage and stimulate the economic and social development of Brazil. . To learn more, visit:

It is a free program that provides qualified startups with tools and resources, including AWS Credits and AWS Support Credits, to help them get started quickly with AWS and grow their business. AWS Activate has two program tiers: Activate Founders and Activate Portfolio. Know more:

Partner of the ABES Startup Internship Program, Bertha Capital was born from the vision of boosting Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) in Brazil, in order to create mechanisms to support investment in startups and technology-based companies from existing resources in structures of Brazilian productive chairs. The company is a venture capital asset manager focused on innovation based on know-how in research, development, capital markets and corporate finance, shaped by tones of diversity, impact, Brazilian roots and elements of technological disruption of the new economy. More information:

A technology park that brings together education, research and business. This is the Biopark, which was officially launched in 2016, marking the beginning of a new growth phase for Toledo and the entire Western Region of Paraná. Located in an area of more than 5 million m², the Biopark includes, in addition to the Technological Park, sectors planned for residential, commercial and industrial areas. The project was born from the know-how, passion and vision of the future of the couple of entrepreneurs Carmen and Luiz Donaduzzi – founders of a business group led by the pharmaceutical industry Prati-Donaduzzi. Biopark is a unique environment, driven by access to knowledge and sharing of experiences. Know more:

Founded in 2011, it is among the most active Venture Capital (VC) companies in Latin America, investing in pre-seed startups and in B2B or B2B2C companies with scalable and digital business models that are operating and billing. ABES partner in the Startup Internship Program. Find out more on the website:

Partner of the Startup Internship Program, BR Angels is a group founded in 2019, aiming to be an association for angel investment with a high focus on intellectual capital, on smart money. Its associates are a team of CEOs and entrepreneurs of large companies. The initial focus is on production startups in the B2B and B2B2C segments, in which the intellectual capital of more than 60 members of BR Angels can be widely employed through mentoring. BR Angels also has the purpose of helping entrepreneurship and, with this, the development of Brazil and Latin America. Site:

First innovation hub that accelerates startups and connects entrepreneurs with the Government, with a wide network of investors and partners. It encourages innovation in public management through events open to the public, an acceleration program and the connection of entrepreneurs with public leaders. In addition, it actively participates in the impact entrepreneurship ecosystem. ABES partner in the Startup Internship Program. Find out more on the website:

Conceived by the Municipal Secretariat for Economic Development and Work and carried out by the São Paulo Development Agency – ADE SAMPA, the Green Sampa innovation hub is considered the first public initiative that seeks to bring together strategic actors in the sustainable technologies sector for the implementation of a platform that will seek innovative solutions to support the development of the sector, with exchanges of good practices between Companies, Institutions, Research Centers, Accelerators and Organizations working with Clean Technologies. Know more:

A Healthcare Innovation HUB to house, nurture and develop the healthcare innovation ecosystem, with an exceptional community of healthcare entrepreneurs and innovators focused on long-term impact. I knew more:


InovAtiva is a public policy that promotes a set of initiatives to support the development of innovative entrepreneurship ecosystems in Brazil, carried out by the Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services (MDIC) and the Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Businesses ( Sebrae), executed by the Foundation for Reference Centers in Innovative Technologies (CERTI), running in a network with Impact Hub Brasil and the Brazilian Association of Startups (Abstartups). In 2021, the InovAtiva Brasil acceleration program took a step forward and is now the InovAtiva Hub, which turns 10 years old in 2023, and has already contributed to the development of more than three and a half thousand innovative businesses across the country, offering a series of products and programs to support the creation of a new generation of solutions and optimize the potential of national startups. Site:

Created in 2007, the São Caetano do Sul Technology Institute is an initiative of IT entrepreneurs from the city and was created to encourage this important chain in the ABC market, in order to create a more favorable business environment, which expands horizons within different areas of technology. The mission of ITESCS is to guide entrepreneurs in the region, offer tools and resources to increase their income and, with this, contribute to the growth of municipalities. There is also a calendar of events aimed at schools, to encourage students in the technology area. Know more:

A partner of ABES Startup Internship Program, Kyvo Design-Driven Innovation is an innovation platform formed by professionals with a multidisciplinary profile. It offers consulting and corporate venture solutions covering the entire business ecosystem, through the Service Design methodology, in which the focus is on the design of products and services through collaborative processes with a human-centered vision. In addition to its headquarters in São Paulo, Kyvo has offices in Espírito Santo, Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon (Portugal) and has strong international partnerships in Silicon Valley (USA), London, Miami, Tel Aviv and Lisbon, some of main innovation centers in the world. Site:


The São José dos Campos Technological Innovation Park (PIT), one of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship complexes in Brazil, has been in existence for over 15 years and is a pioneer in the State of São Paulo, as it was the first technology park created in São Paulo. . It has consolidated itself as a technological environment of opportunities and innovation, being a reference in the promotion of research, science, technology and entrepreneurship, always aiming at competitive and sustainable development, articulating between industry, state, academia, civil society and the environment for creation of new technologies, new products and new processes. It brings together players from the Aerospace, Information & Communication Technology and Agribusiness markets, reinforcing the visionary and disruptive vocation of Vale do Paraíba. Site:

It has already accelerated more than 300 startups, which together collected more than US$ 100 million in investments and have an aggregate market value in excess of US$ 1 billion. By placing the entrepreneur as the central axis of its performance, Startup Farm offers entrepreneurs served in its programs access to a wide network of mentors and facilitators that, together with its institutional partners, academics, large companies and investors, have generated successful cases in the Brazilian and international market. In 2017, received the award for Best Accelerator at the Startup Awards, granted by the Brazilian Association of Startups. Read the news the signing of the partnership. Site:

on the mission of being an innovation ecosystem that drives the transformation of the University and society. The ecosystem involves public and private companies, research centers, startups and professional and business entities in an articulated community that collaborates for the development of innovative businesses. The organizations that make up the Park are of different sizes, markets and technologies, forming a diverse and rich community of companies and people. The environment brings together members of the companies of the Park and the University, based on the Inovapucrs Network. It is located in Porto Alegre (RS). More information:

Created more than 20 years ago, the São Leopoldo Technological Park – Tecnosinos is located in Rio Grande do Sul and houses companies in the areas of Information Technology, Semiconductors, Automation and Engineering, Communication and Digital Convergence, Health Technologies and Renewable Energy and Socio-environmental Technologies. Today, the park is responsible for generating thousands of jobs, developing an entrepreneurial culture and putting the name of the city of Rio Grande do Sul on the world map. Site:

Accelerator focused on accelerating intrapreneurs, which was created to support innovation and transformation in Brazilian corporations and startups through entrepreneurship and education. Its differential is the proposal to challenge the traditional way of thinking, instigate innovation and create impactful connections that promote productivity in the company. They use creative methodologies and tools that drive the development of future leaders. They boost everything from small to giants, and have even worked with major brands such as Unilever, Danone, FEBRABAN, Banco Central, IBM and Banco Carrefour. It has already accelerated more than 100 early-stage startups at QQSU – a program for accelerating entrepreneurs and startups that was created to prepare and transform the world of entrepreneurship. Site:

 Incubators, Accelerators and Technological Innovation Poles

The union seeking common interests: in 2010, ACATE and ABES signed a cooperation agreement for the development of the software sector and its associated companies, through the sharing of shares, services and physical space of companies. associations. With the agreement, the companies associated with ACATE are now considered “ABES partner companies” and can enjoy the benefits offered by the entity. For more information access

Created in 2005, BH-Tec is the result of a partnership between its five founding partners: Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Government of the State of Minas Gerais, Municipality of Belo Horizonte, Brazilian Support Service for Micro and Small Businesses Minas Gerais (SEBRAE-MG) and Federation of Industries of Minas Gerais (FIEMG), in addition to being supported by the Minas Gerais Research and Development Support Foundation (Fapemig) and by the Brazilian Innovation Agency (FINEP). Inserted in the national ecosystem of innovation, regional development and knowledge dissemination, this technological park is a civil association under private law and non-profit with activities of a scientific, technological, educational and cultural nature. It works as a condominium that houses companies that are dedicated to researching and producing new technologies, in addition to bringing together public and private Research & Development centers. Site:

Created in 1998, CIETEC is a private non-profit civil association established with the mission of promoting the development of science, technology and innovation, encouraging the transformation of knowledge into innovative and competitive products and services. Cietec is the managing entity of the São Paulo Technological-based Business Incubator, installed on the IPEN / USP campus of Cidade Universitária, in São Paulo, whose governance is conducted by a Strategic Board of Directors made up of members appointed by USP, IPEN, FIESP and ANPEI. Due to the diversity of its activities, Cietec has methodologies and expertise in the selection and monitoring of nascent technology-based companies, which result in the creation and management of innovation habitats and in the promotion of activities and support for technological, marketing and administrative management of startups. Site:

It is a non-profit technology-based institution, founded in 1992, focused on the research and development of technologies whose main objective is the optimization of the cost-benefit ratio within the organizational processes. It has multidisciplinary teams that contribute to making CITS one of the RD&I institutions with a strong presence in the national market, operating from North to South of Brazil. In addition to research and development services, it also offers Consulting and Training. More information:

A non-profit civil association, created in December 1995, in a partnership between governments, universities and Espírito Santo business entities, as a result of the perception of the importance of promoting the production of goods and services with high technological content. Site:

Porto Digital, created in 2000 in Recife (PE), is one of the main technology hubs in the country. Located in the neighborhood of Santo Amaro, it accounts for annual sales exceeding R$ 1 billion and houses more than 250 companies in the sectors of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Creative Economy (EC), which bring together approximately 7,100 highly qualified professionals. It is the result of the implementation of public policies, through partnerships between the private sector, universities and the government. Information about this ABES partner is available on the website:

This ABES partner was created in 2003 in Paraná, by Itaipu Binacional, the world's largest hydroelectric power generation plant, and stands out for being an environment of constant scientific and technological advances, participating in regional development and also in the modernization process of Itaipu power plant. The institution also acts in the dissemination of knowledge, in professional training, and in the generation of companies, employment and income; interacting, for these purposes, with public and private, academic and research, promotion and production entities. More information:

This entity represents incubators in São Paulo and its mission is to promote the integration of incubators in the State of São Paulo, disseminating entrepreneurship and innovation, enhancing actions for the development of incubated companies. Site:

Softex Campinas
It is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP) that effectively participates in the joint effort of the SOFTEX community to establish the Brazil-IT + brand and contribute to the excellence of Brazilian software and the consolidation of Campinas and region as a pole of high technology. The institution offers specialized services, provides resources and incentives for companies in the city and region to grow and become competitive, reduce costs and generate qualified jobs. Site:

Created in 1994, SOFTSUL is a civil association of private law, non-profit and public character, whose mission is to promote the development and training of the software and computer services industry in Rio Grande do Sul, with the objective of consolidating a technological pole of excellence, increasing competitiveness and generating business for companies in the ICT sector in the region. Site: