In order for ABES to fulfill its mission, the association's management strictly follows what is established in its Bylaws, being exercised by the Executive Board, elected by the Deliberative Council and composed of five members: a CEO, a vice-president, a CEO treasurer, a secretary secretary and a managing director.
The term of office of this board is three years, and its members may be reelected, with the exception of the chief executive officer, who cannot hold the same position for two consecutive terms.
For the day-to-day management of the entity, the Executive Board has the support of a work team, which includes an executive director and a legal director, in addition to qualified professionals to carry out the activities and services, always with proven, proven technical capacity and agility.
The entity also has a General Assembly, a decision-making body made up of all members, which resolves on all matters of social interest, brought to its appreciation, including the election of the members of the Deliberative Council.
The Deliberative Council is made up of a minimum of 21 members and a maximum of 30 members, elected at the General Meeting, by means of a nominal vote in which the associated companies participate, through their duly qualified representatives.
ABES has a Fiscal Council, responsible for analyzing the accounts and investments of the entity's financial resources, giving an opinion on the financial statements for the year.
In its management, the association also counts on an Advisory Board, formed by all the ex-presidents of the Deliberative Council and all ex-presidents of the Executive Board, as well as by any individual who acts in the area of information technology indicated for this purpose. collegiate.
The duties and responsibilities of the Executive Board, the General Meeting and the Boards are described in detail in the Bylaws and are empowered to comply with and enforce what the document provides.
To learn more, visit the ABES Bylaws.