ABES Startup Internship Program

ABES Startup Internship Program

ABES Startup Internship

This program aims to strengthen entrepreneurship and attract talent and investment funds to the Brazilian technology sector. The program's focus is to help startups that intensively use technology and wish to operate or expand their activities in Brazil, to overcome the complexities present in the market, making available to program participants ABES' experience in the legal, regulatory, tax and marketing.

The program is valid for new associates, who make the associative process for the first time, from 10/01/2022 and meet the profile of startups that can join the program.

Exclusive Benefits

Startups will have the opportunity to enjoy the services offered by ABES to its members, such as the relationship and business network, with the possibility of connecting with other members for joint business opportunities, participation in thematic committees, including the Startups Committee, information on lines of government funding and funding, an exclusive platform for disclosing offers, as well as a complete compliance structure through the Uma Empresa Ethical Program, in addition to legal advice, issuance of certificates, among other services.

Profile of Startups that can join the Program

ABES adopted the following criteria to define the startup profile who can participate in this program:


annual turnover up to R$ 4.8 million;


CNPJ registration time of up to 5 years;


Link to any incubation/acceleration/investment fund program, angel investment or that have already received funding from an accredited agency in the last 5 years or that have received an innovation award from an accredited awardee.

Membership Plans

ABES offers two membership plans for the program:


Startups that are in an incubation/acceleration/investment fund program, angel investment or that have already received funding from an accredited agency in the last five years or that have received an innovation award from an accredited awardee also in the last 5 years can join .


Startups that are being incubated, accelerated or invested by incubators, accelerators, investment funds or angel investors that are partners of the ABES STARTUP INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.

Discover the agreements below.

The differences in the affiliation process

Companies that join this program will be able to enjoy the services and benefits offered by ABES, with the special incentive of reducing the monthly membership contribution, according to the criteria defined below:

Monthly membership contribution


Startups that join through the plan "individual" will have reduction of 50% in the value of the monthly membership contribution of the band in which it fits at the time of association for the period of 12 months. After this period, the monthly fee will be reset according to the rules in force after the end of the term.


Startups that join through the plan “agreements” will have a reduction of 100% in the value of the monthly membership contribution, for the period 6 months, it is a 50% discount on the monthly membership contribution value of the range in which it falls at the time of membership for the subsequent 12 months. After this period, the monthly fee will be reset according to the rules in force after the end of the period. Find out about the agreements signed on here.

Affiliation Process

Companies must go through the affiliation process using the form below. In addition, they will need to point out which incubation, acceleration, investment fund or similar program they are part of or which development agency has already received resources or from which place they have already received an innovation award, indicating proof of the situation (name of the site, result of notice, etc.).

Make your affiliation!

To get started, provide your company's CNPJ and follow the instructions on the screen.

Membership fee

The startup that joins the program, in both plans, will be exempt from paying the membership fee.

ABES benefits and services for your startup


Legal Advice
Analysis of laws and their impacts on technology business, contract models, legal tips, etc.

Certificates and Attestations*
For startups to participate in bids, as authorized by Law No. 14.133/21 (new legislation on Procurement and Administrative Contracts that entered into force on 04/01/2021) and by Law No. 8666/93 (which will continue to apply until 03/31 /2023, depending on the transition period).

Committees and Working Groups (WG)
These are forums with the purpose of discussing topics that impact members and the technology market in general. The meetings of the Committees and Working Groups are coordinated by the entity and normally take place on a monthly basis.

Development of new business
future of work
BI and Analytics

Working Groups:
Data Protection
Public Purchases
Artificial intelligence

contracting services
Health insurance*
Dental Plan*
Cyber Insurance*
Life insurance*
Emotional health*

* Important note: services with costs involved. To learn more about the costs of certificates and certificates, consult the member service (+55 11 5094 3100) or visit the page on the subject in the website. To find out more about the costs of health plans and other services mentioned, contact Caesbra through the website: https://caesbra.org.br/.



Its purpose is to ensure full compliance of the activities of ABES, its employees and associates with the guidelines established by the Anti-Corruption Law (Law No. 12,846/2013) and the highest global compliance standards. Among its main activities stand out:

An Ethical Company Program
The program has 3 pillars: Compliance Policy, Training and Whistleblower Channel, which are offered free of charge to members. ABES created the An Ethical Company Certificate, a way to encourage and recognize companies that have joined the program. More information on the website: umaempresaetica.com.br.

Diagnosis on compliance with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD)
Created in partnership with EY consultancy, this free online tool allows companies to assess whether their processes are already in compliance with the law. Make your diagnosis right now.



Fostering innovation
ABES has worked with the main public bodies, in addition to financial and development institutions, so that the credit lines are in accordance with the needs of the technology sector. The association has developed a Innovation Promotion Guide, in partnership with ABGI consultancy.



The entity promotes the ABES Software Conference, a proprietary event that since 2011 deals with emerging themes, in addition to carrying out webinars, seminars and trainings.

Research and Support Materials
ABES has carried out research with its associates and supported external research related to the sector, in addition to producing support materials for topics that are relevant in the day-to-day business.

Study “Brazilian Software Market – Overview and Trends”, in partnership with the consultancy IDC.

Public Purchasing Guide.



Mobilization for Inequality Reduction
A campaign launched by the association, in partnership with the ReUrbi it's the Third Sector Observatory, with support from the agency Weber Shandwick. Its objective is to generate resources for social inclusion projects that promote training in the digital area, encourage the recycling of IT equipment and reduce electronic waste.


Plataforma RH TechHR TECH

HR Tech Platform
It supports talent and team development, career management, employability, in addition to stimulating discussions about the future of work.

ABES STARTUP INTERNSHIP PROGRAMBe part of the expansion of the Abes Startup Internship Program

If your company is part of an incubation, acceleration, investment fund or similar program that is not yet an ABES partner, know that the association is open to signing new agreements.

Exceptionally, a startup that is already associated via the “individual” modality and promotes the signing of a new agreement with the organization to which it is linked may change its framework to the “agreement” modality and enjoy the special conditions of this modality.


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Fernando Cembranelli – CEO of Health Innova Hub

Hilton Menezes – CEO of Kyvo Design

Orlando Cintra – CEO of BR Angels

Cassio Spina – Founder and president of Anjos do Brasil

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