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With more than 52 years of existence, the School of Business and Insurance (ENS) acts as a center of excellence in the training and qualification of specific labor that is essential for the economy. The entity offers courses from technical level to international immersion, including degrees and MBAs. Since its founding in 1971, it has served more than 600,000 people, of which 120,000 trained as insurance brokers. ENS also makes numerous social contributions by offering free programs, such as the Amigo do Seguro professional course, live circuits, online lectures (webinars), seminars and workshops.
HEALTH INSURANCE: In the partnership signed with ABES, the school offers representatives of ABES members and employees up to 20% (twenty per cent) discount in all ENS higher education courses. More information on the website:
It is the result of a dream that involves visionary entrepreneurs from the most varied segments of Brazil and that today has more than 400 partners. They share the same purpose: to make entrepreneurship the turbine to leverage lives and stories. Success has the philosophy that, regardless of social and economic class, anyone can transform their ideas into actions that change and improve the reality and the community in which they live. For this reason, it was born with the aim of stimulating the entrepreneurial gift of young people, especially those from public schools, where there are many hidden talents and good ideas to be promoted. Nonprofit, its main action plan is to offer a platform of online and free courses, in addition to several actions aimed at fostering entrepreneurship. More information on the website:

It is an innovation and technology hub – a Smart Campus – an award-winning concept inside and outside the country, which aligns the development of projects with the axes of smart cities and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is the 1st 5G Campus in the State of São Paulo, is among the top 10 Brazilian universities, occupies 2nd place in the UI Green Metrics international sustainability ranking among Brazilian private universities and is a signatory of the UN Global Compact, in a green space of 100 thousand m², with more than 60 specialized laboratories and several Innovation Centers. The maximum score (5) from the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the 43 stars in the Faculty Guide (Quero Educação/Estadão) only reinforce Facen's commitment to remaining one of the best private higher education institutions in Brazil. It currently offers undergraduate, postgraduate and extension courses, covering areas of Health, Engineering, Architecture and Urban Planning, Technology, among others. It has a Research Institute, IP Facens, which has been providing research, development and innovation services for more than 20 years to connect companies, social organizations and public bodies to the future.
HEALTH INSURANCE: THE faces will grant a discount 10% (ten percent) in the installments of semester fees for Undergraduate courses and discount on 25% (twenty-five percent) in the semester installments of postgraduate courses. Consultation of current courses can be carried out on the website
Meu Futuro Digital
THE Unyleya College has been operating in the educational segment for 17 years, offering Undergraduate and Postgraduate Distance learning courses, an initiative of the Unyleya Educacional holding company. The teaching staff is made up of a team of renowned and specialized masters and doctors. With more than 400,000 students, Faculdade Unyleya is, today, one of the best-rated institutions on the market. More information on the website:

PARTNERSHIP: Unyleya will offer a discount to all ABES employees, associates and their dependents on Distance Learning Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.

  • Graduation: Until 59.4% (fifty-nine point four percent) discount
  • Postgraduate studies: Until 65% (sixty-five percent) discount
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