One Multisectoral Manifesto in Defense of the Legal Framework for Artificial Intelligence was sent this Wednesday (09/29) to the National Congress by 15 entities, including ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Companies. The entities defend the approval of the substitute for Bill No. 21, of 2020, presented by Hon. Congresswoman Luísa Canziani, on September 28, 2021, understanding that Brazil needs to advance in the approval of a regulatory framework that provides the basis for the development of new solutions and investments in the sector.

For the signatories of the document:

"THE digital transformation of the public sector, productivity in the private sector, the increase of new services and the improvement of the quality of life of the Brazilian citizen, in addition to the competitive introduction of Brazilian actors in global value chains, depend on how Brazil will advance in the debates on a Legal Framework for Artificial Intelligence”. […]

The substitute reflects important principles for the development and adoption of AI in Brazil, in line with OECD recommendations and global good practices on the subject, being sensitive to the moment of AI development in the country. The text adopts a principled approach, based on the management of risk and attentive to the complexity of the chains of agents involved in the offer of AI and focused on the responsibility of agents according to their activities and the limit of their participation as a general rule, maintaining the applicable legislation in consumer relations and with the State. In this sense, the substitute also addresses the concern with monitoring the use of technology by encouraging sectorial regulation, when necessary. […]

In this sense, we defend the approval of PL 21/2020 in the form of the substitute by Deputy Luísa Canziani, presented on September 28, 2021. The text of the substitute presented brings solid elements 2 that will allow Brazil to advance in this debate, bringing a structure of principles for the advancement of innovation in balance with the protection of fundamental rights and the possibility of stimulating and adopting artificial intelligence in Brazil in a broad and democratic manner.

In summary, the manifesto states that "Brazil has a robust institutional and regulatory system to ensure the protection of individual rights, so there is no need to create a new authority, nor specific sanctions to guarantee rights and obligations arising from the use of AI, as such activities are subject to the entire constitutional and legal framework of the country”.

Download on here the document in full.

The complete list of entities that sign the manifest is formed by:

  • ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Companies
  • ABO2O – Brazilian Association of Online to Offline
  • ABRIA — Brazilian Association of Artificial Intelligence
  • ACATE – Santa Catarina Technology Association
  • ALAI – Latin American Internet Association
  • AMOBITEC – Brazilian Association of Mobility and Technology
  • ANBC – National Association of Credit Bureaus
  • Brasscom – Association of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Technology Companies
  • Câ – Brazilian Chamber of the Digital Economy
  • CNDL - National Confederation of Shopkeepers
  • FecomercioSP – Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of São Paulo
  • Assespro Federation – Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies of the State of São Paulo
  • I2AI – International Association of Artificial Intelligence
  • Competitive Brazil Movement
  • Zetta

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