With an attentive and proactive look, the sector entities of Digital Services, Software, Information Technology, Innovation and the Internet evaluate the text of the Tax Reform (PEC 45/2019) approved by the Chamber of Deputies on July 7, 2023. We recognize the need for evolution and adaptation of the tax system and we believe that it is essential to consider the impact on the sector and on Brazilian socioeconomic growth. 

In recent years, we have maintained a productive dialogue with the Federal Executive Branch, the National Congress and Society on Tax Reform. We support proposals aimed at simplifying tax legislation, reducing the Brazil Cost, simplifying and providing greater legal certainty in relations between the Tax Authorities and companies, with a view to improving national competitiveness. 

However, the text approved by the Chamber of Deputies requires careful analysis. There is an expectation of an increase in the tax burden which, if not properly managed, could have undesirable consequences. It is necessary to observe the different impacts for the different segments of the sector (whether due to its tax framework, whether due to the characteristics of its price formation or even the characteristics of its customers), raising special attention regarding its losses for small companies and those segments with a greater preponderance of labor and that promote direct sales to the final consumer. 

In a scenario of increased taxation, we believe that the current proposal may affect Brazil's ability to innovate and compete on the global stage, in a context of the digital revolution, in which the development, absorption and intensive use of new technologies in all sectors have become fundamental to the success and competitiveness of any nation. 

We reaffirm our commitment to Brazil's digital transformation and to the country's growth as a knowledge-based economy. We will continue to work to detail the impacts of the current Tax Reform to Senators and the Federal Government, seeking to improve this important milestone for our country and ensure that the final text favors the development of an increasingly digital and inclusive Brazil. 

ABES| Brazilian Association of Software Companies

ABRANET | Brazilian Internet Association

Assespro Federation | Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies

Fenainfo | National Federation of Information Technology Companies
AARB | Association of Registration Authorities of Brazil
ACATE | Technological Association of Santa Catarina

SEINESP | Union of Internet Companies of the State of São Paulo

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