ABES and 24 other entities, which represent the 17 labor-intensive sectors covered by the Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue (CPRB), sent a manifest to the Senator Vanderlan Cardoso (PSD/GO), president of Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) of the Federal Senate, in which they request the conclusion of the processing and approval of Bill No. 334/2023, in view of the tight legal deadline for the extension of the CPRB, in order to prevent “the country lose this important pro-employment public policy, whose merits are known and its discontinuity would cause serious problems”. The signatories of the manifesto request that the matter be discussed in the next session of the CAE, as well as a request for urgency in processing the proposal.

PL nº 334/2023 was approved at the end of June this year in the Federal Senate and in August in the Chamber of Deputies. However, faced with changes, the text returned to the Senate for final deliberation, beginning its processing at the CAE. After this new process in the house, the PL still needs to be signed by the Executive Branch.


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