An agreement was also announced at the event that allows SMEs to access
to Gartner polls


An attentive audience attended the event that ABES and Softex Campinas promoted on July 17, at the Incamp Auditorium, in Campinas, which addressed important themes for the software sector in Brazil: internationalization of companies, cloud computing and strategic planning startups and micro and small businesses.
“This meeting was very important for the partnership between ABES and Softex Campinas, as we started a joint work aimed at providing more value and improvements in the service of our associates, offering them qualified information”, highlighted Edvar Pera Jr., executive director of the Softex Campinas Nucleus.


Carlos Sacco, ABES marketing director, also highlighted that companies that aim to grow in a solid and continuous way must prepare for the SaaS (software as a service) business model, as well as conquer new markets. "We encourage the exchange of experiences and information, as well as associative participation, which is essential for a stronger and more integrated IT sector."
cloud computing
Lauro de Lauro, CEO of Dualtec and coordinator of the SaaS committee at ABES, spoke on the topic “Cloud, is your company prepared?” and addressed strategic aspects of technology and how companies should prepare for the new sales and solution development model. “The reception was very good and we had an extremely qualified audience of businessmen and developers, who were even interested in the work we started in the association's committee”, he explained. The doubts relate mainly to three fronts: management, commercial and technology. “Migrating programs to the cloud is not just about changing technology. It is necessary to change the way the company operates, as it becomes a service provider. The pricing calculation is also modified, which normally becomes the unit cost per user and more flexible. The technical issues for adapting the program must also be considered, as well as the assessment of what needs to be rewritten in the software”, highlighted the executive.
Internationalization of companies
On the internationalization of software, Pera Jr, from Softex Campinas, noted that the current economic crisis has increased the interest of Brazilian entrepreneurs in taking their solutions to the foreign market. “This is a positive side effect of the crisis, but we want companies not to wait for these moments to wake up. Internationalization involves a process of restructuring, professionalization of management and strategic planning, which takes time to happen. The Brazilian market is large, but there are many opportunities in other countries that can be taken advantage of”, he added.
On the other hand, Diones Lima, manager of innovation and entrepreneurship at Softex Nacional, recalled that Brazil is the seventh largest economy in the consumption of IT products and there are hundreds of foreign companies interested in selling in the Brazilian market. “The strategic and management vision that we encourage also contributes to increasing the competitiveness of national companies against international companies that are in our country”, he highlighted.
Market intelligence
The program included the participation of executives Vania Moralez, director of new business at Gartner, a world leader in technology research and advice. They announced an agreement signed with ABES, which allows SMEs to have access to its Research Program, which aims to support them in the development of their businesses aimed at the international market.
Lima praised ABES' initiative to encourage the use of market intelligence by MSEs and startups. “Gartner is a reference in providing valuable analysis and trends in the information and communications technology market around the world. Enabling entrepreneurs to access and use this data and strategic research is one of the challenges for Brazil and ABES is to be congratulated for making this benefit possible for businessmen in the segment”, he concluded.  


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