Representatives of the Association, which has a history of encouraging Startups, will help connect new businesses and open new perspectives

ABES, whose purpose is to build a more digital and less unequal Brazil, is present at the South Summit Brazil 2024, which takes place between March 20th and 22nd at Cais Mauá, in Porto Alegre. The event, which aims to foster connections between startups, companies and global investment funds to generate business opportunities and high-value connections, brings together the main trends and innovations that mark the present and future of the national and international industry.

Considered the largest innovation and entrepreneurship event in Latin America, South Summit Brazil is held in partnership with the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul and is expected to bring together 24 thousand people from more than 50 countries. This year's edition is expected to receive around a thousand investors, 140 national and international investment funds, 7 thousand companies, 3 thousand startups and 600 speakers. Marcia Mallmann Lippert, Regional Vice-President of ABES for Rio Grande do Sul represents the entity at the event. “Given the importance of the event for the technology sector in Brazil, and the ability to connect startups, global investment funds and companies, ABES will participate to help connect new businesses and to open new perspectives based on innovation and established connections ”, declares Lippert.

ABES is recognized for its support for startups

The ABES Associate Relations team, formed by Thaís Rosa, Elaine Menzani and Hevelyn Monzani, and Bruna Cardoso, our DPO, took advantage of the opportunity, in addition to participating in South Summit Brazil 2024, to visit the main technological centers in Rio Grande do Sul Tecnopuc and Tecnosinos, partners in the ABES STARTUP INTERNSHIP PROGRAM, whose objective is to strengthen entrepreneurship and attract talent and investment to the Brazilian technology sector. Lasting six months, the program is made available to startups through partnerships with incubators, accelerators or investment funds. Through differentiated conditions for joining ABES, startups participating in the internship can take advantage of all the services offered by ABES to its members, such as participation in its various committees (among them, the regulatory, tax, innovation and LGPD committee ), access to market research, information on development lines and government financing, as well as a complete compliance structure and legal support service.

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