This Wednesday (21/02), a new press conference was held at the National Congress in defense of the continuity of PAYROLL EXEMPTION, with the significant presence of senators Efraim Filho and Esperidião Amin, together with federal deputies Any Ortiz, Carol de Toni, Bia Kicis, Pedro Lupion and Newtom Cardoso. The event was also attended by representatives of business entities. Marcelo Almeida, Director of Government Relations at ABES, was at the meeting, which generated great repercussion in the media shortly after the end of the presentation.

During the press conference, the MANIFESTO IN FAVOR OF DEMOCRATIC DISCUSSION OF PAYROLL EXEMPTION. This manifesto received the support of 35 signatory entities, representing the labor-intensive sectors benefiting from the Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue (CPRB). The signatories expressed their support for the search for legislative regularity in the payroll tax exemption claim. Discover the full content of the document and participate in this important discussion:

“Since the end of last year, the government has insisted on ending the policy of changing the tax base, which generated more than 215 thousand jobs in 2023 alone. The exemption policy, in fact, generates more collections focused on the INSS, in addition to the advisory effects on the FGTS and brings with it less social costs with unemployment benefits, for example.

What we see today is disrespect for what was voted on three occasions in the National Congress (PL 334/2023 approved by the Federal Chamber, approved by the Federal Senate, presidential veto overturned by the National Congress) and the constitutional text amended by Constitutional Amendment 132/2023 . The text of the Tax Reform itself provides in the regulation of forecasts that the Executive Branch will forward, within 90 days from the promulgation of the amendment, a bill that reforms payroll taxation.

The clarity of the constitutional command approved with the support of the government itself did not prevent the forwarding of Provisional Measure 1202/2023, which, from the above, is undemocratic, authoritarian and unconstitutional.

In view of all the above, we request that the part that deals with Payroll Exemption in MP 1202/2023 be removed, and that the forwarding be done by a bill, as imposed by Constitutional Amendment nº 132/2023, the provision of which establishes that the regulation of tax aspects on work and income must be assessed by the National Congress, complementing the Tax Reform on consumption”.

Download the manifesto in full.

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