ABES delivered this Thursday (23/09) to Federal Deputy Bia Kicis (PSL - DF), president of the Constitution and Justice Committee (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies, and to federal deputies Marcos Pereira (Republicans - SP), Darci de Matos (PSD – SC) and Lucas Vergilio (Solidarity – GO), vice-chairmen of the respective committee, a manifesto in support of the approval of the Project Law 2541/2021, which deals with the extension of the regime of Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue (CPRB), better known as payroll tax. 

The document says: Since its adoption in 2011, the Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue (CPRB) has been essential for the sector's competitiveness gain, as well as contributing to the preservation and increase in the number of jobs in companies that used this regime, in a period of time. in which, for various factors, economic crises prevailed. The end of the CPRB would make unfeasible the efforts of companies opting for this system, to maintain their current staff, generate new jobs and preserve their investment plans".

Elsewhere, the manifesto emphasizes the importance of the 17 sectors covered by the PL in the generation of millions of jobs and that the end of tax relief could generate more unemployment: "The information and communication technology sector, added to the other 16 sectors, generate more than 6.5 million direct jobs, which represent, more than formal jobs, essential opportunities for inclusion and income distribution for a number of workers, from different socioeconomic strata, especially those in a more vulnerable situation, not to mention the return in terms of revenue, given the economic movement of this high volume of active labor mass. That said, and considering, additionally, that the payroll represents more than 70% of costs, the impact of the end of the tax relief policy may, with immediate effects, represent the demobilization of more than 25% of the workforce". 

At the end of the document, the entity, on behalf of the information technology software and services sector, requests “the indispensable support of Your Excellencies for the approval of Bill 2541/2021, authored by Deputy Efraim Filho, with the opinion of the Rapporteur on the Finance and Taxation Commission Deputy Jerônimo Goergen approved at the meeting of 15-09-2021, which is objective to extend the period of validity of the Social Security Contribution Regime on Gross Revenue (CPRB) ”.

PL 2541/2021 needs to be approved by the end of 2021 to avoid the end of the tax relief program, scheduled for December 31st. If it is not voted and approved within that period, the sectors will return to pay rates on the payroll. Currently, the social security contribution rate on payroll is 20%. The rates applicable to the Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue (CPRB), a tax modality that can be chosen by companies in the sectors covered by the payroll tax, can vary from 1% to 4.5%.

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