Software industry and identifications through the portal were themes of the meeting

The president of the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES) and vice president of the Association of Registration Authorities of Brazil (AARB), Paulo Milliet Roque, participated in a meeting with the Minister of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services and vice president of the Republic, Geraldo Alckmin, last Saturday (02/07) in Brasília.

On the agenda, the importance of developing the Brazilian software industry and proposals for the development of policies that promote innovation and competitiveness in the sector. The issue of digital identity was also addressed on, the only government portal that centralizes information from citizens and companies, in view of the weakness in the use of advanced signatures. To address the issue, a meeting with the Minister of Management and Innovation in Public Services, Esther Dweck, was suggested.

On behalf of ABES, Rodolfo Fücher and Francisco Camargo, chairman and vice-chairman of the Board, respectively, and Andriei Gutierrez, deputy director and counselor, as well as São Paulo councilor Daniel Annenberg and the director of Corporate Management at Apex- Brazil, Floriano Pesaro.

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