The global partnership will be available to companies, operators of marketplace and customers in the United Kingdom, United States, European Union, Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific


Unlimit, a fintech operating worldwide, today announced a global partnership with VTEX, the digital commerce platform composable and complete for large companies, seeking even greater success with integrated, agile and global payment solutions. 

Unlimit will provide VTEX customers with more national and international payment services, thereby facilitating the growth of commerce across domestic borders. This will include payment processing in local currencies, alternative payment methods Pix and boleto, as well as another 15 APMs in the coming months. Now, VTEX customers will be able to offer their consumers another smooth payment experience without additional operational complexities, contributing to success in the fast-paced payment industry. ecommerce.  

The strategic partnership between Unlimit and VTEX represents a new investment in technological innovations that provide even more dynamic payment solutions and shape an ever better future for commerce. To accept national and international payments on the VTEX platform, merchants will simply need to connect to the Unlimit platform through a single API. Traders from the United Kingdom, United States, Africa, Latin America and Asia-Pacific now have yet another way to gain unrestricted and immediate access to the global market for ecommerce, optimizing Unlimit’s local and international acquisition functionalities and thereby increasing conversion rates.  

“Our partnership allows VTEX customers to rely on one of the largest payments platforms in the world”, highlighted Irene Skrynova, Chief Customer Officer at Unlimit. “Gone are the days when companies needed to use intermediaries and sign multiple contracts to accept payments on a global level. Through integrated anti-fraud and risk management capabilities, merchants can now receive payments with peace of mind.” 

"The process of Check-out can considerably influence the success of an online purchase. That’s why VTEX is always looking to provide companies with tools and integrations that provide exceptional customer experiences,” said Santiago Naranjo, Chief Revenue Officer at VTEX. “Through our partnership with Unlimit, we are offering businesses and retailers more than simply one of the largest payments solutions available. We’re also delivering the hassle-free shopping experience consumers expect, regardless of location or preferred device.”

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