Action takes place when the company turns ten years old. The main new feature will be the unification of its platforms to expand companies’ technological management

Skyone, a company that simplifies everyday life and increases customer productivity by encompassing cloud computing, data and cybersecurity, as well as a marketplace, on a single platform, announces the repositioning of the brand and technological transformation. The company, which is completing ten years, adopts a new strategy, integrating its cloud computing, data and cybersecurity platforms into a single one. The objective is to eliminate barriers to customer growth by providing access to essential technologies for their operations in a simplified way.

Brand change 

The first change is the writing of the company's name, which changes from Sky.One to Skyone. Furthermore, the brand’s entire architecture and DNA were reviewed.

“We have grown a lot in the last ten years, which brings us new management challenges. We have more than 400 employees, more than 17 thousand customers, several sales channels and more than ten countries of operation, in addition to multiple offers. Our goal is to be a perpetual company, a remarkable feat in a scenario where only one in ten startups reaches this age. And, to do this, we need to anticipate the needs of customers and partners”, says Ricardo Brandão, CEO and co-founder of Skyone.

“We are no longer a young company. Our history, our success stories in different markets, diverse products and expertise have made us a powerful player. Our repositioning and rebranding happened as a result of in-depth work carried out since October 2022”, comments Raquel Padovese, marketing director at Skyone.

“To deliver our purpose, we need to reflect this simplification in our brand. Hence the adjustment of the name, the change in architecture and the joining of platforms into a single one”, adds Raquel.

Technological transformation

In addition to the rebrand, Skyone also announces a significant transformation in its technology proposition as a unified platform company for data, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

“Technological change will happen gradually. We already have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), which will be tested with a restricted group of customers starting in November, while we continue to evolve in the development of features”, says Rennan Sanchez, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Skyone.

For the first half of next year, the company hopes to have the platform tested and validated, to then begin rolling out current customers and onboarding new customers using this technology.

Expected results for the business 

“Skyone’s technology impacts day-to-day business in practice and we have the ambition to positively impact the productivity of 1 million people by 2028”, explains Ricardo Brandão, highlighting that “currently, more than 100 thousand professionals in 80% of companies leaders in Brazil are users of Skyone platforms.”

With these news, Skyone expects a positive impact on several of the company's indicators, from increasing revenue from each customer to customer satisfaction.

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