Cost control, risk reduction, access to new suppliers and more productivity are the highlights

SAP announced innovations in Artificial Intelligence for business and user experience in its expense management and business network in order to help customers control costs, mitigate risks and increase productivity. Announcements were made at the event SAP Spend Connect Live, the sector's main expense management conference, which runs until October 11 in Vienna, Austria. 

SAP continues to innovate with generative AI and its new co-pilot Joule

The newly launched solution SAP Ariba Category Management will be enhanced with the power of generative AI to help procurement professionals develop comprehensive, effective strategies faster. This resource will help boost the market analysis process and suggest a strategy to be refined and put into practice, saving weeks of valuable time for area managers and extending the validity of the strategy. General availability is planned for late 2023. SAP will also integrate Joule, its new generative AI co-pilot in the cloud, with availability in expense management software scheduled for 2024. Additionally, SAP is developing more use cases in collaboration with customers, which is expected to be available in the first half of 2024. 

“These are just a few examples of how we are thoughtfully integrating generative AI technology into our industry-leading expense management solutions to help our customers be more productive,” said Silvio Abade, vice president of SAP Ariba at Brazil. 

SAP Spend Control Tower offers comprehensive expense analysis capabilities

The new SAP Spend Control Tower solution will include advanced AI capabilities and the ability to see all expenses to help identify opportunities for cost savings and process improvements. These capabilities will be available starting in the first quarter of 2024. New dashboards in SAP Ariba Sourcing and SAP Ariba Buying solutions will also provide near real-time insights into key process workflows, making it easier for procurement professionals to make informed decisions and timely. These features will be available from today and are developed on a new architecture that will serve as the basis for future innovations. 

Risk assessment with AI embedded in solutions ranging from orders to payment

SAP has incorporated AI-based supplier risk assessment capabilities into its order-to-payment solutions to help you make smarter, faster decisions. The new capabilities make risk assessment profiles an integral part of sourcing, contracting and purchasing solutions, helping you better determine third-party-related risks. Supplier risk assessment capabilities will be available starting today in SAP Ariba Sourcing, SAP Ariba Contracts, and SAP Ariba Buying solutions. 

Scoutbee AI-Powered Supplier Identification to Integrate with Guided Shopping

SAP and Scoutbee, a leading AI-powered supplier identification and intelligence platform, plans to integrate an AI-powered supplier search solution into SAP Ariba Sourcing. Called Scoutbee Discovery, the solution quickly identifies suppliers aligned with complex requirements such as production capacity, quality standards and certifications. Through the integration, pre-selected suppliers will automatically be imported into guided purchasing events, allowing you to make decisions with more confidence. The integration will be available in Q1 2024. Scoutbee Discovery complements SAP Business Network Discovery capabilities to help you quickly find new suppliers that align with requirements but are still outside the network. 

Expense Payment Manager saves time and money

SAP Concur solutions now offer the new Expense Payment Manager service, which provides the ability to reimburse employees in over 25 currencies. This simplified payment process will save you time, money and headaches in the expense reimbursement process. Contracting directly with third-party payment providers will offer more flexibility. Expense Payment Manager, which also gives customers the opportunity to select payment providers, is now available.

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