Health insurance: hiring is investing in well-being


The Bradesco Saúde Seguro Plan, which is made available to ABES member companies by the Caixa de Assistência das Empresas de Software e Serviços do Brasil (CAESBRA), in addition to guaranteeing quality of services and wide national coverage, offers some differentials, such as discounts on medicines , own clinics and Advantage Club. “Today, we have more than 1,800 lives benefited by more attractive conditions offered by the CAESBRA Program compared to other market options. All of them had a considerable cost reduction and plan upgrade”, highlights Carlos Sacco, ABES Relationship and Services director.
Novamed Network
Among the advantages offered, Seguro Bradesco Saúde started to offer Novamed's own clinics network, which, in addition to basic and specialized medical consultations, offers laboratory and imaging tests, in comfortable facilities, with a technological structure and service with qualified professionals. In the capital and in Greater São Paulo, there are already six units: Tatuapé, Lapa, Paulista, Santana, Osasco and Guarulhos.
My Doctor
Another benefit that the plan offers is the Meu Doutor Program, which allows the client to select and access the doctor's schedule over the internet to request an appointment. To use the tool, the client accesses the Bradesco Saúde user area (, searches by city, desired specialty and address or neighborhood, and the list of professionals will appear on the screen. Just choose the doctor and schedule the day and time. The office confirmation will be sent by email to the client, who will also receive an SMS 24 hours before the appointment to remind him of the appointment.
Discounts and benefits
Discounts on medicines can reach 60% in about 5 thousand accredited pharmacies, present in more than 1 thousand municipalities throughout the national territory. The benefit is offered by the insurance company in partnership with Orizon. There are more than three thousand branded and generic drugs with discounts.
The insured also has the Bradesco Seguros Advantages Club, which offers discounts at partner establishments throughout the country, covering areas such as entertainment and leisure, automotive, department stores, education, gastronomy, health, among others.
dental plan
CAESBRA also made the MetLife dental plan possible for its associates, which can be contracted separately from health insurance, in the “free membership” modality and is extended to father, mother, mother-in-law and siblings.
Created exclusively for small and medium-sized companies, the plan offers coverage for the main dental specialties, through a wide accredited network with around 40 thousand options of dentists and clinics throughout the country, in addition to the ease of approval of treatments, travel assistance and discount on medicines.
More information about Bradesco Health Insurance and the MetLife Dental Plan at ABES Relationship Center, (11) 2161-2833.

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