Through an advanced data-based strategy, the Information Technology System (ITS) gives Brazilian Air Force (FAB) enables the SIGAER – Aeronautics Decision Support Management Information System. SIGAER synthesizes data from areas such as human resources, budget and logistics, in addition to management indicators, making them available to the Air Force General Staff and the FAB Commander to support decision-making.

In this context, the Aeronautics Computing Center – Brasília (CCA-BR), a member of the STI, plays a fundamental role in managing the IT systems and services under its responsibility, ensuring reliability and integrity of information.  

Data literacy in STI

The STI strategy involves training in the use of the Qlik Sense analysis solution, a tool used by more than 1000 users trained in data literacy programs. CCA-BR provides courses and ongoing advice to different sectors, disseminating good intelligence practices and use of data to support decision-making.

The Business Intelligence company (IN) supports this FAB strategy, supporting the assembly of the Data infrastructure, Data Warehouse, DataMart and BI projects, presentation panels as well as the administration of courses (data literacy).

Between 2021 and 2022, around 10 classes were promoted on the use of Qlik solutions, training more than 200 data analysts in all regions of Brazil.

Benefits for FAB

Among the benefits that the STI data strategy brings to the FAB, the following stand out:

– Integration of strategic and management information into 263 panels, with an impact on the administrative and operational management of the Air Force Command.

– Guarantee of the quality of data that supports decision making, with updating, correction, relevance and availability, so that they meet strategic and managerial needs, providing a single and centralized view of information.

– Improvement of the means used by managers, promoting more informed decisions and better overall performance.

– Dissemination of knowledge and cooperation between areas, avoiding duplication.

– Coordination of strategic actions aimed at eliminating parallelism and overlap in the dissemination of management information, optimizing resources.

New SIPAER panel

In line with its purpose of serving society, STI will launch a new version of the SIPAER panel by the end of 2023, a data visualization tool on aeronautical occurrences in Brazilian civil aviation, bringing advanced visual analysis features and a better user experience . In the last 10 years, made available by CENIPA to the public, based on the transparency and open data policy, the data is displayed in the form of graphs and tables, which can be dynamically modified according to search filters applied by the users themselves.

About IN – Business Intelligence

The first Qlik Master Reseller in Brazil, IN – INTELIGÊNCIA DE NEGÓCIOS maintains its team, made up of 175 employees, permanently trained and qualified in the most innovative technologies in the data segment. In addition to corporate clients, IN also stands out in serving Public Sector bodies, with a structure dedicated to supporting projects in this area. The company is part of the IN Group, which has more than 900 customers served. The group was recently acquired by NowVertical Group Inc., a Vertical Intelligence (VI) software solutions company that grows organically and through acquisitions. More information at:




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