Produced in partnership with Abgi Brasil, 4th edition is available for consultation. Content will be updated monthly to help users organize themselves in raising funds for the technology sector 

Sao Paulo, September 23, 2022 – ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Companies, in partnership with Abgi Brasil, a consultancy specializing in tax incentives, innovation management and financial management, launched the 4th edition of the Digital Guide for Fostering Innovation for the ICT Sector. Among the novelties of this edition are the specific lines for companies that want to invest in ESG (Environment, Social & Governance – Environmental, Social and Governance) and the possibility of monthly updating, since the content was developed in Power BI – a platform for analyzing data that allows the automation of the report. 

According to Jamile Sabatini Marques, Director of Innovation and Development at ABES, the guide has evolved to accompany the innovations of the innovative ecosystem and the lines of financing, and is fully in line with ABES' commitment to promote the use of credit lines and economic subsidy. The Guide focuses on the technology sector and seeks to encourage actions that promote sustainability and social responsibility. “We have a very strong commitment to the UN Global Compact, and that's why we brought information about investments in ESG to make life easier for entrepreneurs looking for it”, he declared.

Carina Leão, Tax Director of Abgi Brasil, a consultancy partner in the preparation of the Guide, highlighted that the platform provides information on the main instruments and programs to support innovation in Brazil. “We consider it essential that companies are aware of these instruments and the way they operate so that they can identify the one that best suits their business and market objectives”, he explained.

Newton Hamatsu (Innovation Superintendent at Finep, working on Information and Communication Technologies), Igor Manhães Nazareth (Director of Planning and Institutional Relations at Embrapii) and Fernanda Freitas, Innovation Coordinator at ABGI Brasil also participated in the launch. The entirety of the live is available on ABES YouTube channel, with translation into Libras, and the ABES – ABGI Digital Fostering Innovation Guide can be downloaded at official site.

About ABES           

ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) aims to contribute to the construction of a more digital and less unequal Brazil, in which information technology plays a fundamental role in the democratization of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities for all. In this sense, it aims to ensure a business environment conducive to innovation, ethical, dynamic, sustainable and globally competitive, always in line with its mission to connect, guide, protect and develop the Brazilian information technology market.

In line with its purpose, ABES launched the "Mobilization to reduce inequality" in partnership with ReUrbi and Observatório do Terceiro Setor, and with the support of Weber Shandwick, whose objective is to support social inclusion projects that promote training in the digital area, through the resources obtained by recycling IT equipment discarded by companies. This initiative is in line with recent discussions at the climate summit, and aligned with the 8 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) Global Compact, and ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) best practices. . 

Currently, ABES represents approximately 2 thousand companies, which total about 85% of the revenue of the software and services segment in Brazil, distributed in 24 Brazilian states and in the Federal District, responsible for the generation of more than 210 thousand direct jobs and an annual revenue of the order of R$ 80 billion in 2020.


Access the ABES Portal or speak to the Relationship Center: +55 (11) 2161-2833. 


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