Brasil, País Digital, a movement led by ABES – Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Software since 2016, which has the support of several organizations in society, honored the protagonists, ambassadors and ambassadors of Brazil, País Digital during the ABES Conference 2022🇧🇷 “A few years ago we decided to honor those who made a difference in the country's digital transformation, contributing to the advancement of building a more digital and less unequal country. Thus, the Ambassador or Ambassador of the Brazil Movement, Digital Country award was born. And the protagonists are people who have a great performance, but they do not always have the due recognition for their actions in favor of the country and the community.”, Andriei Gutierrez, one of those responsible for the creation of Brasil, País Digital, Director of ABES and leader of Government Relations at Kyndryl.  

Paulo Alvim, current Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, dedicated the appointment as Ambassador Brazil, Digital Country 2022 to the MCTI team that has been working for 30 years in this cause. “The digital economy arrived in Brazil, accelerated by a pandemic. Fortunately, this country has technical and entrepreneurial competence that makes us different, we have a great opportunity ahead of us in which ICT will be the basis. There is no developed country without a great ICT infrastructure. And we have this difference. For the next few years, this sector will grow driven by 5G and will pull all other sectors of the economy.” Paulo Alvim built a career dedicated to industry, small and medium-sized companies, the development of science and technological innovation. Since 2019, he has had an outstanding role at MCTI in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, first as Secretary of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and, since the 2nd quarter of this year, as Minister of State.

For Ambassador Brazil, Digital Country 2022, Angela Amin, the appreciation of people who continue the projects that the country needs is inducing the approval of laws that bring to the citizen the knowledge of the digital age. “Florianópolis is now a technology hub and we are unable to fill the vacancies. We need entities that work with the industry to be committed to bringing knowledge of the digital age to citizens so that we can have more people interested in working in the area”, he highlighted. Angela is an active deputy who, during the last legislature, had a remarkable performance in defense of inclusive innovation in the Chamber of Deputies, being one of the leaders on this topic in the Science, Technology and Innovation Commission. As a result of this leadership and protagonism, Congresswoman Ângela was the author of the successful and relevant Bill that Establishes the National Policy on Digital Education, which was recently approved in the Chamber and is being analyzed by the Federal Senate. 

Already Francisco Soetl, the third Ambassador for Brazil, País Digital 2022, shared his happiness with his family and all the advisors in Brazil, a digital country “which shows that it is possible for Brazil to become a protagonist in digitalization”, he said. Francisco has been a tireless advocate of Brazilian digital transformation. Anyone who knows him knows his personal engagement and commitment in defending the advancement of the Brazilian Strategy for Digital Transformation as well as structuring public policies for a more digital country. He has also been a mainstay and leader in the inclusive digital transformation through the Brazil Digital for All Movement, which brings together business, government, academia and society references and leaders, always with people at the center.

In the Protagonists of Brazil category, Digital Country were honored:

Ana Paula Bialer is a lawyer with recognized experience in the areas of Technology, Internet, Telecommunications and Audiovisual. He actively worked in the elaboration of the General Data Protection Law, the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, the National AI Policy, among several other regulatory issues that permeate the sector. As a business leader, Ana has been not only protagonists of the private sector but also a reference for the construction of a debate that is not only qualified but also plural of structural public policies for the Brazilian digital transformation. 

Carla De Bona is a speaker, Designer and Professor specializing in UX design and design thinking projects. She is also Co-founder of Reprograma, a training initiative focused on reducing gender inequality in technology.

Glaucon Arbix He is a Full Professor at the Department of Sociology at the University of São Paulo. For its leading role in the academic discussion about the role of human beings in technological development and adoption. He is one of the greatest scholars on innovation and artificial intelligence in Brazil. He was president of the Institute of Applied Economic Research (2003-2006) and of the Financier of Innovation and Research (2011-2015). As Coordinator of the Humanities area of the Center for Artificial Intelligence-USP-Fapesp-IBM and of the Innovation and Competitiveness Observatory of the Institute of Advanced Studies (USP) he has developed and guided research in the area of transparency, ethics in the development of algorithms for artificial intelligence. 

Iana Chan is Founder and CEO of PrograMaria, an initiative that empowers women through technology and programming. It has three fronts of action: inspiring, debating and learning. Recognized by the VaiTec Public Notice and by the Tech Women in Sampa Award, from Google for Entrepreneurs, Tech Sampa and Rede Mulher Empreendedora.

Nina da Hora is a computer scientist, researcher and activist. Nina is a columnist for the MIT Technology Review, a member of the TikTok Security Council, and a participant in the 2022 Brazilian elections transparency commission. In 2021 she was included in the Forbes Under 30 list. She is also the Creator of Computação da Hora and Ogunh, two initiatives that promote digital inclusion through teachings on computational thinking. 

Paulo Rogerio Nunes is an author and consultant on diversity and innovation. Co-founder of Vale do Dendê, a startup accelerator focused on inclusion, AFAR Ventures and AFRO.TV, initiatives focused on diversity. Author of Invisible Opportunities, a pioneering book in the discussion of diversity and innovation in Brazil.

The selection of honorees was carried out by a commission formed by representatives of ABES and external representatives, such as journalists Cris de Luca and Silvia Bassi. With the objective of working for the construction of a Project of Nation that is more digital and inclusive, Brasil, País Digital has already impacted more than 11 million Brazilians through the portal, social networks, activities at events and other initiatives.

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