Registration is open for “TRAINING AN ETHICAL COMPANY ABOUT COMPLIANCE”, a unique opportunity to update and strengthen business ethics practices within organizations. The event, which offers free online and live training, will be held on August 20th, from 10am to 12pm.

This training is part of the AN ETHICAL COMPANY PROGRAM, which aims to promote an honest and ethical corporate environment. Topics covered include business ethics, supplier relationships, public management and anti-corruption strategies. The initiative seeks to positively impact the motivation of employees, customers and other stakeholders, promoting a more transparent and responsible business culture.

To guarantee the exclusivity of the training, participation is restricted to representatives and employees of companies affiliated with the entities ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) and ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries). The data provided is checked before confirming registration.

“Ethics in companies is not an option, but a necessity for building a fairer and more reliable market. Our objective with this training is to provide practical and theoretical tools so that companies can align their practices with the best existing compliance standards”, says Carolina Marzano, Compliance Chief Officer at ABES.

The relevance of ethics in companies and in the fight against corruption is unquestionable. Adopting ethical practices strengthens corporate reputation, helps create healthy work environments and contributes significantly to the sustainable development of society. In a global scenario where transparency is increasingly required, organizations that invest in ethics stand out and gain the trust of consumers, investors and partners. It is in this context that the fight against corruption proves vital, eliminating harmful practices and promoting integrity in all business spheres.

Participate in AN ETHICAL COMPANY TRAINING ON COMPLIANCE and help build a corporate culture based on solid principles of integrity and transparency. Don't miss this opportunity to improve your company's knowledge and practices!


 Date: 20/08

 Time: from 10am to 12pm

 Format: Online and live



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