– Currently, ABRH-PR has members throughout the state of Paraná

– With the partnership, Grupo Benner has a confirmed presence in at least nine events in the coming months, including workshops and congresses

The Benner Group, a Brazilian leader in providing software solutions and services that boost company processes, has just announced a strategic partnership with Brazilian Association of Human Resources – Paraná (ABRH-PR). The alliance aims to boost innovation and development in the area of Human Resources throughout the state of Paraná and the southern region of Brazil.

According to Benner Group's Commercial Director and Channel Management, Fernando Almeida, the partnership represents a significant step in expanding the offer of modern and efficient people management solutions. “Benner brings all its expertise in technology and management to support ABRH-PR in disseminating best practices and technological trends for the Human Resources sector, in order to encourage investments by companies in technologies that support evolution of the HR sector”, he comments.

Operating throughout the state of Paraná, ABRH-PR plays an important role in the Benner Group's business strategy, as Almeida explains. “In addition to being a benefit for companies in the region to be able to count on all of the Group’s expertise, it is also a significant advance for our strategy, given the potential and reach of the association, which contributes to enhancing our business and expanding our presence of the brand in the south of the country”, he explains.

According to Charmoniks Heuer, vice-president of ABRH-PR, the Benner Group will bring new strategies to companies. “This partnership will certainly bring many fruits, not only for members, but for the entire market. Having such an important brand by our side provides greater visibility among our stakeholders.”

To consolidate this partnership in the market, at least nine events are planned with the participation of the Benner Group, including workshops and congresses, for the coming months, which will provide a dynamic environment for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between HR professionals and managers. people.

“These initiatives will be essential to promote constructive discussions and disseminate best practices in the sector, in addition to being an important space to reinforce Benner's expertise and enable new business, not only in the Human Resources sector, but also in verticals such as logistics , health and legal”, concludes Almeida.

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