(updated 8/13)

In an open letter sent to the Presidency of the Republic, the Chamber of Deputies and the Federal Senate, covering all the authorities that are part of these bodies, ABES and 39 other entities claim more legal security for citizens and organizations with regard to the Law General Protection of Personal Data and Privacy in Brazil.

The claim involves the vote and approval of MP 959, which extends the entry into force of the LPGD to May 3, 2021, which must occur until August 26, since after that date the MP loses its validity; the creation of the National Personal Data Protection Authority, which awaits the presidential decree establishing the parameters of its structure and the appointment of 5 directors by the Presidency of the Republic to form its Directive Council; and the vote of Constitutional Amendment Proposal no. 17 of 2019, which elevates the protection of personal data to a Constitutional right and guarantee and establishes the Union's private competence to legislate on the subject.   

In the letter, the representatives of these entities explain the current scenario of legal uncertainty and consider that: "LGPD is an opportunity to provide quality service and generate new business. Therefore, in order to have the protection of privacy in Brazil in balance with legal security, it is also essential to extend the entry into force of the LGPD. We understand that during this period the creation of the ANPD must take place, its internal structuring, the works around the regulatory pieces (which involve wide and unrestricted public consultation) and guidance and education of organizations and citizens around these rules ". Download here the full document.

As of the launch of this letter, the representatives of the entities hope to build a "broad business front in Brazil and abroad to raise awareness among the authorities about the importance of legal security around privacy and data processing in Brazil. The action is open to the adhesion of new institutions that want to be part of this movement ", explains Andriei Gutierrez, coordinator of the ABES Regulatory Committee.

The signatory entities of the manifest are:

  • Amcham Brasil - American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil
  • Brazilian Association of Communication Agencies - ABRACOM
  • Brazilian Association of Software Companies - ABES
  • Brazilian Association of Internet Hosting Infrastructure Companies - AbraHosting
  • Brazilian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies - BRASSCOM
  • Brazilian Association of International Express Cargo Transport Companies - ABRAEC
  • Brazilian Association of Company-Customer Relations - ABRAREC
  • Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies - ABAP
  • Brazilian Association of Digital Agents - ABRADI
  • Brazilian Association of Advertisers - ABA
  • Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters - ABERT
  • Brazilian Association of Research Companies - ABEP
  • Brazilian Association of Artificial Intelligence - ABRIA
  • Brazilian Internet Association - ABRANET
  • Brazilian Data Marketing Association - ABEMD
  • Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine - ABRAMED
  • Brazilian Radio and Television Association - ABRATEL
  • Brazilian Association of Shopping Centers - ABRASCE
  • Brazilian Teleservice Association - ABT
  • Brazilian Association of Waste Transporters - ABTR
  • Brazilian Online to Offline Association - ABO2O2
  • Santa Catarina Technology Association - ACATE
  • Association of Real Estate and Condominium Management of São Paulo - AABIC
  • Association of Brazilian Information Technology Companies and Startups - ASSESPRO-SP
  • Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies of Western Paraná - IGUASSU-IT
  • Association of Information Technology Services Companies - ASSERTI
  • Association of Advertising Professionals - APP BRASIL
  • Association of Information Technology Professionals and Companies - APETI
  • National Association of Private Universities - ANUP
  • National Association of Digital Certification - ANCD
  • National Association of Magazine Editors - ANER
  • National Association of Private Hospitals - ANAHP
  • National Association of Newspapers - ANJ
  • National Credit Bureaus Association - ANBC
  • National Association of Information Bureaus - ANBI
  • National Association of Personal Data Privacy Professionals - ANPPD
  • BSA - The Software Alliance
  • Brazilian Chamber of Electronic Commerce - Camara-e.Net
  • International Chamber of Commerce - ICC Brasil
  • National Confederation of Shopkeepers - CNDL
  • Federation of Brazilian Information Technology Companies - ASSESPRO Nacional
  • Federation of Commerce of Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of São Paulo - FECOMERCIO SP
  • National Federation of Advertising Agencies - FENAPRO
  • National Federation of Computer Companies - FENAINFO
  • National Federation of Stables. of Health Services - FENAESS
  • Federation of Hospitals and Stab. of Serv. de Saúde do Est. do RJ - FEHERJ
  • Federation of Hospitals and Stab. Serv. RS Health - FEHOSUL
  • Federation of Hospitals, Laboratories, Image Clinics and Stab. of Serv. of Health of the State of Goiás - FEHOESG
  • Bahia Health Federation, Hospitals, Establishments and Services - FEBASE
  • Federation of Hospitals and Stab. Serv. Saúde do Est. PR - FEHOSPAR
  • Federation of Hospitals and Stab. of Serv. of Health of Est. SC - FEHOESC
  • Federation of Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories of Est. SP - FEHOESP
  • Global Data Alliance
  • LIS BRASIL - Brazilian Association of Companies Developing Laboratory Information Systems
  • Competitive Brazil Movement - MBC
  • PISO - Industrial Software Pole (Ribeirão Preto)
  • SOFTEX - Núcleo Campinas
  • Brasiliense Union of Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics - SBH
  • TIC VALE - Information Technology Cluster - São José dos Campos
  • US Chamber of Commerce's Brazil US Business Council (BUSBC)

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