*By Jessica Ariane

With the fast pace of the job market and a high demand for technological solutions to improve processes involving the Human Resources sector, the need for systems that serve the most different sectors of a company is growing, creating a connection between all areas of the company ; something that doesn't happen so quickly when all the work is done manually.

And despite technology being the future (in fact, it is already the present), a survey carried out by the Digital Transformation Index Brazil 2023 (ITDBr) revealed that Brazilian companies still face challenges in implementing digital transformation. Moving towards people management, the situation is the same.

According to data from consultancy Gartner, 56%, HR leaders confirmed that the solutions and strategies used do not completely meet business needs. It is at this moment that an ecosystem of integrated solutions emerges as an alternative to facilitate processes and optimize results. To solve the needs of so many HR managers, connection is the keyword!

The advantages of connecting needs and consolidating solutions

When a process is standardized, connecting a company from end to end, it is possible to automate actions that were previously manual, bringing greater security and assertiveness to demands. Senior, for example, offers several technology solutions for the Human Resources area, enabling the crossing of information from the most different data and sectors. It is something that allows for more informed decision-making based on data from the business itself.

By implementing a system of this level, the company is able to connect all sectors, speeding up activities that seem simple, but that require time and are subject to human errors, such as payroll, recruitment activities and selection of new candidates and the development of talents, managing HR in a complete and integrated manner.

In addition to improving HR results, technology allows employees to focus on actions that really require a more personal touch, such as team satisfaction, actions aimed at improving the work environment, among others. I always say that, when a company chooses to consolidate all management processes into a single technology system, the connection between all departments will be accurate!

*Jéssica Ariane, Head of Products Talent Experience at Senior Sistemas

Notice: The opinion presented in this article is the responsibility of its author and not of ABES - Brazilian Association of Software Companies

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