With the upcoming vote on the PL in the CCJC - Committee on Constitution, Justice and Citizenship, of the Chamber of Deputies, 19 entities are claiming the urgent approval of PL 2541/2021, which extends the CPRB - Social Security Contribution on Gross Revenue ("exemption of the payroll”), in order to guarantee the maintenance of 8 million jobs in 17 sectors of the economy and sent a manifest to the members of this commission.

In the multi-sector assessment, the CPRB represents the maintenance of an important component of the international competitiveness of some of the sectors, especially exporters and those dependent on highly specialized labor, by reducing the indirect cost of applied labor.

This tax regime covers segments of industry, agribusiness services, civil construction, transport and technology, representing essential opportunities for inclusion and income distribution for workers from different socioeconomic strata, especially those in situations of greater vulnerability - especially young people, first job and women . Data from CAGED/Novo CAGED and RAIS (2021) attest that these sectors showed a growth of around 425,000 new jobs in the period between January 2017 and June 2021 - which demonstrates the relevance and effectiveness of maintaining this public policy, the despite the challenging scenario of the #pandemic and the stagnation of economic activity.

Are signatories of this manifest:

OPEN – Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters;
ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Companies;
ABECALDOS – Brazilian Association of Footwear Industries;
ABIMAQ – Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment Industry;
ABIT – Brazilian Textile and Apparel Industry Association;
ABPA – Brazilian Association of Animal Protein;
ABRATEL – Brazilian Association of Radio and Television;
ABT – Brazilian Association of Teleservices;
ANJ – National Association of Newspapers;
ASSESPRO – Federation of Associations of Brazilian Information Technology Companies;
Brasscom – Association of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Companies and
of Digital Technologies
CICB – Center for Tanning Industries in Brazil;
FABUS – National Association of Bus Manufacturers;
FENAINFO – National Federation of Computer Companies;
Feninfra – National Federation of Telecommunications and Computer Network Infrastructure;
Igeoc – Management Institute for Operational Excellence in Collection;
NTC – National Association of Cargo Transport and Logistics;
NTU – National Association of Urban Transport Companies;
SINICON – National Union of Heavy Construction Industry.

The content of the manifest is here.

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