The event will bring together experts from Belgium, Brazil and the United States on September 1st, at 2 pm

ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Companies – will hold an International Roundtable – Cybersecurity Challenges, on September 1st, at 2 pm, to debate and show the different perspectives on the subject from different regions of the world. Free entries can be made here, the event will have simultaneous translation and also in pounds, and if you are unable to follow that day, the debate will be available on the association's Youtube channel.

To bring international perspectives to the discussion, the meeting will feature the participation of David Maimon, Professor at Georgia State University in the United States and Thomas Boué, Director General of Policy at The Software Alliance in Belgium. “The threat landscape has increased considerably in recent years and cyber incidents are currently among the most significant business risks worldwide. As lawmakers enact or prepare new legislation and rules to improve cybersecurity preparedness and resilience, discussions like the one organized by ABES are extremely important. Cyber threats are global, and industry and governments need to work together, sharing experiences and best practices to address security issues,” says Boué.

The Brazilian panorama will be discussed by Mark W. Datysgeld, ICANN advisor and ABES International Policy Consultant. “We are past the point where we could only look at regional trends. If you think about the European Union's data protection law, it has affected the whole world and caused a series of ripple effects. What we see with NIS2, the new EU security directive, is that similar effects will occur. This time, it's better to be prepared than to run after the loss”, says the executive.

Paulo Roque, entrepreneur in the digital identity and certification sector, Co-founder of DigiForte and Vice President of ABES is also present and will open the meeting. “The big problem with digital security is that whoever is doing the defense is forced to get it right every time to maintain their integrity. Those who are attacking have a number of attempts that are limited only by time and patience. Having a team aware of all events and innovations within this area is essential”, says Roque.

And the closing will be carried out by Vanda Scartezini, Director and Advisor of ABES. “It seems to me quite clear that the issue of digital security is at a new moment, in which a process of internationalization and sophistication of attacks took place. We see a lot of cases in the media, but they are a fraction of everything that is actually happening, as many companies prefer to keep the attacks that they have suffered secret. We have to be aware of this and face the issue firmly and seriously”, says the executive.

The association is committed to providing more and more content and services to its members and partners, with the purpose of contributing to the construction of a digital and less unequal Brazil, in which information technology plays a fundamental role for the democratization of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities for all, in an inclusive and equal way. Therefore, ABES has acted to ensure a business environment conducive to innovation, ethical, dynamic, sustainable and globally competitive.

The experts participating in this event are:

– Thomas Boué (Belgium)

Director General of Policy at The Software Alliance

– David Maimon (United States)

Professor at Georgia State University (USA)

Vidocq Group Advisor

– Mark W. Datysgeld (Brazil)

ICANN Advisor


Event: International Roundtable on Cybersecurity Challenges

Date: 09/01/2021

Time: 14h


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