– Project 100% conducted by the SoftwareONE team aimed to ensure more assertive deliveries with better cost-benefit

– The partnership increased the number of deliveries of the Bee Delivery app by more than 16 million, which resulted in 23% of cost savings

Enhance an operation with less costs and more results. This was the objective of the partnership between Bee Delivery, an application delivery franchise, and SoftwareONE, a leader in software solutions and cloud technology, which together managed to increase the number of cities and deliveries of Bee Delivery, through the optimization of the Google Maps in the app. 

A logistics company founded in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte, Bee Delivery had its franchise model expanding first in the Northeast region until it gained national notoriety. According to Bee Delivery's Technology Manager, Ramon Sarmento, before the project was consolidated, one of the main difficulties of the company, which values express and quality delivery, was to obtain the verification of the customer's address, as well as the optimization of the route to be carried out by the couriers. 

In this sense, the company started using the Google Maps to carry out deliveries in neighborhoods, and had good results, but with the expansion of the business, management became complex. “We pre-registered neighborhoods and condominiums and manually searched for the central point of the address to map that point as a region in Bee Delivery. Over time, we realized that this model was not scalable, and the need to put the Geocode arose”, explains Sarmento. 

The businessman comments that, although more assertive, this system generated a very high expense for the company, around R$20 thousand monthly. In this way, in search of cost reduction without losing quality, they found in SoftwareONE an exclusive and personalized service to optimize the company's logistics. 

SoftwareONE carried out actions to optimize the use of Google Maps, inserting details that favored the operation, so that it became more dynamic, as explained by Google Maps Global Business Executive – LATAM Leader of SoftwareONE, Diego Moreira, responsible for conducting the project. “We carried out a standard work and understanding of API adoption, which validates and indicates the best way to use it, so that the inversion of expenses with the tool and the return was as viable as possible”, he says. The executive also clarifies that the implementation and negotiation process took about two months and is now being finalized, moving on to maintenance and future improvements. 

The Google Maps Optimization Process 

According to Diego Moreira, for a complete optimization, first, the mapping of Google Maps of address validation was carried out (through the Google API called autocomplete), in order to ensure that from the moment the customer starts typing the address, Google recognizes and suggests the correct name, minimizing complications with non-existent locations. “This way, we greatly reduce the problem of deliveries to places that don't exist or that are, in fact, in another part of the city. This resulted in speed and guarantee of deliveries, in addition to optimizing the motoboy's time”, he says. 

To gain even more agility in deliveries, SoftwareONE helped Bee Delivery in the development of another Maps API called directions, able to identify the best route to reach a certain destination in the shortest time. In addition, a small adaptation was also made in this API for route optimization, made through the Directions Advanced API. With it, exploring the use of the API, the customer can follow the entire delivery path, until the final destination. The Google Maps Geocoding app is what performs this monitoring and the API allows you to visualize the movement on the map. 

Results beyond expectations 

The adoption of the various adjustments resulted in an increase in the reliability of the data, which allowed an organic expansion to more cities and regions. Today, Bee Delivery serves more than 140 cities and has already exceeded 16 million deliveries since the beginning of the operation. In terms of revenue, this meant 23% of cost reduction, due to the reduction in the distance traveled by couriers, which further optimized delivery routes. It is worth mentioning that, in parallel with the optimizations, the company also obtained an increase in the volume of requests, thanks to the strategy used. 

“We felt a big impact on cost management, support and maintenance of the service. All the communication and transparency brought a feeling of security in using the service correctly and the certainty that we are charged for what we actually use”, pondered Sarmento. 

Sarmento also recalls the difficulties of operation before the arrival of SoftwareONE. “The documentation we used was a bit confusing. We weren't sure how to proceed. I remember that it was a point where our interface at SoftwareONE helped us, answering questions when necessary. We also had issues with support and troubleshooting, which took up a lot of staff time. Intercurrences for which we now have the necessary support”, he concludes.

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