With the aim of simplifying the accountability process for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the City of Jundiaí (SP) launched, in July 2023, a new and modern digital system for releasing invoices. The initiative aims to comply with Law 13,019/2014, which came into force in municipalities in 2017. Known as MROSC (Regulatory Framework for Social and Civil Organizations), it brought a series of innovations in the relationship between public administration and Third Sector organizations.

“CIJUN works to improve the public sector on several fronts and areas of activity, through technological innovation. The development of new technologies has a single objective: to offer benefits to people”, highlights the company's CEO, Amauri Marquezi.

Implemented over the last few months, the process of making the system available has now reached its final phase. Meetings were organized with CSOs to train their employees throughout this period as well. Starting in November, the city of Jundiaí and CIJUN will provide a Questions Sheet for CSOs and partnership managers from all Management Units of the City of Jundiaí with active partnerships.

“The cycle of events covers training, training and questions and is part of the final phase of implementing the system in the Municipality which, once implemented, will make accountability by Civil Society Organizations faster and more intuitive”, highlights the manager from the Civil House of Jundiaí, Gustavo Maryssael.

“Partnerships maintained with the Third Sector frequently occur with Public Authorities. CSOs are in direct contact with the population and offer services that often complement a city's public policies. Therefore, ensuring excellence in the accountability of resources transferred by the municipality is an important form of transparency and governance”, concludes Marquezi.

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