On Monday (23/09/2019), in Brasília, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications, the Finep Inovacred 4.0, new action to foster business innovation in areas such as internet of things, big data, cloud computing, digital security, advanced robotics, digital and additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence and digitization.

The event was attended by the Executive Secretary of MCTIC, Júlio Semeghini, the president of Finep, General Waldemar Barroso, the director of Industrial Development at CNI, Carlos Abijaodi, and the secretary of MCTIC planning, Antônio Franciscangelis, the president of Correios, Floriano Peixoto and Bruno Portela, from the Ministry of Economy.

Werter Padilha, ABES advisor, represented the association at the event, and congratulated the initiative, as it will benefit many companies, economic sectors and enable the plans and actions that are underway, including the National IoT Plan, the BNDES IoT Pilots and the plan recently released by the Chamber of Industry 4.0.

Initially, R$ 200 million will be made available in the credit modality. The idea is to support the formulation and implementation of Strategic Digitalization Business Plans that cover the use, in production lines, of services for the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies. Small to medium-sized companies are eligible for financing, with annual sales of up to R$ 300 million.


Prepared by Finep in partnership with the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and the ministries of Economy (ME) and Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC), the action aims to stimulate the increase of the productivity of the industry in the Country, being the first initiative of the Brazilian Chamber of Industry 4.0, formed by more than 30 entities representing the government, companies and academia, of which ABES is part. "The actions of Câmara 4.0, which thinks an authentic revolution in the industry, have a very promising start in this initiative", celebrated Semeghini.

Still in a pilot phase, the new project is fully aligned with the Action to Promote Innovation in Internet of Things - Finep IoT, launched in June 2018, with resources in the order of R$ 1.5 billion. Finep IoT primarily supports projects that result in innovations in products, processes and services based on digital technologies. The objective is the integration of virtual and physical environments in manufacturing processes, in agribusiness, in urban development, in health and in service chains.

With the launch of Finep Inovacred 4.0, support for the formulation and implementation of digitization plans in smaller, productive companies is now carried out through a new model. “Inovacred 4.0 operations will be supported in a decentralized manner by state agents accredited by Finep, ensuring capillarity and democracy in access to resources”, explained General Barroso ”. The model seeks to simplify the processes for analyzing and monitoring proposals, in order to allow greater agility in contracting and releasing resources.

How Finep Inovacred will work

The proposed design brings as a differential the use of integrating companies, which conceive and implement the digitization plans in the productive companies. Specialized in providing software adaptation, customization and development services; automation of production processes and management of industrial activity, the integrating companies will be previously accredited by Finep, as well as its services. “CNI considers the design of this program to be very vigorous in order to stimulate the productivity of our economy”, evaluated Carlos Abijaodi.

For accreditation, size, proof of capacity and technical and managerial quality will be taken into account in the implementation of digitization plans, in addition to the recommendation of suppliers of programs and equipment related to Industry 4.0 technologies. The list of authorized integrators as well as the validated services will be available for consultation on the Finep website.

"In general, a company is unable to implement a solution that encompasses technologies from Industry 4.0 without the advice of an integrating company, so this is the great differential of Finep Inovacred 4.0", stated Finep's Innovation Director, Alberto Dantas. The expected impact is a gain of at least 20% on the productivity of the beneficiary companies.

The digitization plans submitted must have a maximum value of R$ 5 million. The limit was established based on a study carried out by CNI which stipulated around R$ 1.5 million - which may reach between R$ 3 million and R$ 5 million - the average value of an industry 4.0 digitization plan, including when implemented by companies larger.

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