Companies in the areas of IT, Health and Infrastructure, Civil Construction and Real Estate are highlighted among those that most use the solution

Disclosure | Companies in the IT sector, followed by health and infrastructure, civil construction and real estate were those that most used the Blip solution

THE Blip, leading conversational intelligence platform that creates conversations and connects experiences between brands and their customers across leading messaging apps, in 2023 more than 40 billion messages passed between companies and their customers. Furthermore, during the period, the company has developed more than 141 thousand smart contacts (or chatbots, as some prefer to call them) and, together with its more than 3700 customers, reached 177 million active users.

Serving large and diverse brands, Blip has at the top of its ranking in terms of number of bots, companies in the IT sector, followed by health and infrastructure, construction and real estate.

“Today, every consumer interaction turns into a conversation, every conversation turns into a relationship and so we help brands deliver an exceptional experience throughout the consumer journey, from marketing, sales to after-care”, he explains. Roberto Oliveira, co-founder and CEO of Blip.

According to the executive, the result obtained last year is the result of the company's commitment to the process of continuous innovation. “When we develop products, we value cutting-edge technology aimed at empowering our customers and users, which makes all the difference in the final result”, points out Roberto. 

“Another important point about intelligent conversations is that datasets for AI training must be diverse to avoid biases and undesirable behaviors. We are constantly evolving to have more fluid, powerful and disruptive conversation traffic”, concludes Roberto.

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