The agreement will also promote the Mobilization against Inequality program, which supports social inclusion projects that promote training in the digital area

São Paulo, March 23, 2023– ABES – Brazilian Association of Software Companies and the Brazilian Association of Human Resources Sectional São Paulo (ABRH-SP), considered the largest community of HR professionals in Brazil and which brings together people and companies that seek innovation and trends in the development and management of people, signed an agreement for cooperation, dissemination and promotion of the program Mobilization against Inequality and institutional support to Technological Education Hub. The partnership will run until July 2024.

For ABES, the signed agreement will help to consolidate the HR Tech Platform – of which the Technological Education Hub is a part – as a reference for workers and contractors in the IT market, as it works as an online catalog of courses and educational activities, the responsibility of ABES associates and partners. “Our goal is for the Technological Education Hub to be not only a source of research for those looking for a course, but also a point of reference for those looking for a job vacancy and for those who are recruiting professionals. With the support of ABRH-SP, which has a strong presence in the human resources market and a history of almost six decades, we will remain firm in our purpose of contributing to the construction of a digital and less unequal Brazil and we will certainly have more representation and be able to accelerate the dissemination of courses and training offered, since our partner is affiliated with ABRH Brasil, present in other 22 states of the country”, celebrates Para Paulo Milliet Roque, president of ABES.

In the view of Luiz Drouet, president of ABRH-SP, the agreement signed with ABES meets aspirations in the area of Human Resources for continued investments in education. “Professional training and even the improvement of skills in corporations are closely connected to technological knowledge. Hence the importance of this partnership which, we believe, will bring solid and good results in the short term”, he highlights.

Under the terms of the agreement signed, ABRH-SP will also collaborate in the “Mobilization for the reduction of inequality”, a campaign launched by ABES, in partnership with ReUrbi and the Third Sector Observatory, with the support of the Weber Shandwick agency, whose aim is to objective of supporting social inclusion projects that promote training in the digital area, through the resources obtained from recycling IT equipment (notebooks, PCs, racks, etc.) discarded by companies that adhere to the initiative. “Also on this front, ABRH-SP reaffirms its connection with an essential cause for equity, equality and inclusion”, says president Luiz Drouet.


ABRH-SP is the largest community of HR professionals in Brazil, bringing together people and companies that seek innovation and trends in the development and management of people.

  • Influential: Volunteer board of directors and advisors made up of senior executives and consultants respected in the HR community.
  • Representative: operations in the capital and in 7 regional offices in the state of São Paulo.
  • Experienced: more than 55 years of history and currently organizes more than 100 events per year.
  • Connected: affiliated with ABRH Brasil, present in 22 states of the country.

About ABES           

ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) aims to contribute to the construction of a more digital and less unequal Brazil, in which information technology plays a fundamental role in the democratization of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities for all. In this sense, it aims to ensure a business environment conducive to innovation, ethical, dynamic, sustainable and globally competitive, always in line with its mission to connect, guide, protect and develop the Brazilian information technology market.

ABES currently represents around 2,000 companies, which account for approximately 85% of revenues in the software and services sector in Brazil, distributed across 24 states and the Federal District, responsible for generating more than 228,000 direct jobs and annual revenues of Rs. $87 billion in 2021.

Access the ABES Portal or speak to the Relationship Center: +55 (11) 2161-2833.

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