Debate will be around the theme “Digital Transformation of Brazil and Public Policies”
Focusing on the contributions of the IT sector to the country's future, ABES promotes, on August 20, from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm, the 8th edition of the ABES Software Conference, at Espaço Trio Pérgola, in Vila Olímpia, in São Paulo. The annual convention, recognized as one of the most important in the segment, this year, will have as its theme “Digital Transformation of Brazil and Public Policies” and Carlos Ayres Britto, former president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and TSE (Superior Electoral Court), as keynote speaker.
After the conference ends at 6 pm, ABES, together with other associations representing the IT market (ACATE, ASSESPRO, FENAINFO and SOFTEX), promotes the Brazil 2022 Seminar – The Future in the Digital Economy, an event with the presence of candidates for the Presidency of Brazil, aimed at addressing the contributions that the IT sector can make to the country's future.
“In 2022 we will celebrate the bicentennial of Independence and our motto should be 'Independence (Digital) or Death (Competitive)'. Digital transformation will separate modern nations that are in the Digital Economy from others. Brazil has an urgent need to transform itself, to modernize itself, taking advantage of the fundamental technologies so that we can be a prosperous nation and reach the 4th Industrial Revolution. We need to transform ourselves digitally, through public policies with a long-term vision so that the Technology area helps to promote a future of economic and social growth. The ABES Conference reaches its 8th edition as an opportunity to assess the level of digital transformation we have already reached, including presenting market data from the last year. That said, our main objective is to look to the future and discuss how we can improve the country through technological innovation”, comments Francisco Camargo, president of ABES.
In addition to the participation of former minister Ayres Britto, one of the most influential figures in the country's political life, the event will also feature high-level speakers and panelists, rooms for business roundtables and an area for the exhibition of companies.
Check out some of the main highlights below:
A Growing Sector
Jorge Sukarie, businessman and chairman of the ABES Board, will publish the results of the “Brazilian Software Market” Study, the most complete balance sheet in the area, identifying trends and sector data in the last year.
Small and Medium Businesses and Privacy Laws
In recent weeks, the Brazilian Senate approved PLC 53/2018, a bill that regulates the use, protection and transfer of personal data in the country. Faced with this new paradigm, how will small and medium-sized companies be affected? Has the regulatory impact of this new standard on SMEs been analyzed in depth? Some of the greatest experts on the subject will debate the topic, including Viviane Maldonado, former judge, author of the book “Right to Oblivion”.
Digital Transformation – The Government's Vision
What has already been done and what is expected from government guidelines to promote digital transformation in Brazil? The matter will be debated by some of the main decision-making authorities in the country, such as Maximiliano Martinhão, Secretary of Technological Development and Innovation at MCTIC; Rafael Moreira, Secretary of Innovation and New Business at MDIC, and Thiago Camargo Lopes, Secretary of SEPOD at MCTIC. The Moderator will be businessman Gerson Schmitt.
Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
Practical applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are no longer a trend, but a reality. How has Brazil used this technology and how far will we advance in the near future? Adriana Silva, jedi in Analytics at SAS; Jomar Silva, Intel technical evangelist; Fábio Rua, director of Regulatory Affairs at IBM, and Werter Padilha, coordinator of the IoT Committee at ABES, will discuss the impacts of AI to benefit the country in disruptive solutions such as health, smart cities, automation, among others.
Digital Transformation the vision of CEOs
Companies, not governments, are the real drivers of digital transformation. It is the innovation born in garages or in large companies that is propelling the world towards the new digital economy. In a rare opportunity, four presidents of the main technology companies in Brazil will be together to critically assess what the government can do to accelerate the process: Tonny Martins, president of IBM Brazil; Laércio Cosentino, president of TOTVS; Paula Bellizia, president of Microsoft Brazil, and Maurício Ruiz, president of Intel, moderated by Marcelo Pagotti, former SETIC secretary of the Ministry of Planning.
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