The association's annual monitoring balance points to a drop in the number of removed links

ABES – Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Software removed from the web, in the year 2022, 61,033 advertisements, links and websites with content that gave access to files that violate the Copyright and Intellectual Property of the entity’s associates. The action has been taking place since 2005 and is carried out through the association's Internet Monitoring work. With that, ABES has already managed to remove almost 950,000 illegal contents since the beginning of monitoring. 

Carolina Marzano, coordinator of the ABES Internet Monitoring Sector

The balance shows that the number of ads removed has dropped in relation to 2021. According to Carolina Marzano, coordinator of the ABES Internet Monitoring Sector, this was due to a technical aspect. “The band and the sites support heavier files. That is, the same link can contain entire contents, such as games and programs, which did not happen before, when the same file had to be divided into several links, which, therefore, increased the number of removed links. It lowered the number of links, but not the number of articles and contents”, he says. 

Companies Associated with ABES have the monitoring service, which is carried out continuously, free of charge – all you have to do is forward any illegal content to the Internet Monitoring Sector. The association directly notifies e-commerce portals and access providers, protecting Internet users who may be exposed to viruses, malware and data hijacking. “Our actions also help the consumer, who may be infringing Brazilian intellectual property laws without knowing it”, explains Carolina Marzano.

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