Annual monitoring report of the association points to a drop in the number of ads removed, the result of an intellectual property protection program

 ABES - Brazilian Association of Software Companies removed from the web, in 2021, 115,485 advertisements, links and websites with content that gave access to files that violate the Copyright and Intellectual Property of the entity's associates. The action has been taking place since 2005 and is carried out through the association's Internet Monitoring work. As a result, ABES has already managed to take down more than 890,000 illegal content since monitoring began. The number of removed links jumped from 56,928 in 2020 to 112,429 in 2021, and from 110 sites last year to 117 sites last year.

“The decrease in the number of ads removed is due to the greater control established by the sites that make this type of content available, in partnership with the Class Entities that represent the copyright holders, as is the case of ABES. On the other hand, we identified the migration of this illegal content to other distribution platforms where there is less control, where we are focusing our efforts to minimize this practice as much as possible”, explains Carolina Marzano, committee advisor at ABES.

Between January and July 2022, ABES counted 38,816 links removed for violating intellectual property rights. 719 advertisements promoting pirated products were removed from the air. In addition, the entity was responsible for taking down 53 websites that offered illegal software downloads. “ABES continuously monitors the internet and directly notifies the e-commerce portals and access providers. This action aims to protect consumers, who may be exposed to viruses, malware and data hijacking. It also protects consumers who may be infringing Brazilian intellectual property laws without knowing it”, declares Paulo Milliet Roque, president of ABES.

Companies Associated with ABES can count on this monitoring service for free by forwarding any illegal content to the Internet Monitoring Sector. The entity also promotes ethical integrity among its associates through the An Ethics Company program, which encourages and offers associates free of charge the means to implement the three essential pillars of an integrity policy and compliance with the legal framework: the elaboration and implementation of a code of ethics; compliance training for employees and the adoption of an independent whistleblower channel. To find out more, go to initiative website.


About ABES

ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) aims to contribute to the construction of a more digital and less unequal Brazil, in which information technology plays a fundamental role in the democratization of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities for all. In this sense, it aims to ensure a business environment conducive to innovation, ethical, sustainable, dynamic and globally competitive, always in line with its mission of connecting, guiding, protecting and developing the Brazilian information technology market.
The association joined the UN Global Compact Brazil Network, which aims to mobilize the business community in the adoption and promotion of good corporate practices, with a commitment to support 9 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), through the Mobilization for Inequality Reduction and the initiative An Ethical Company. The Global Compact platform includes the monitoring of public commitments already disclosed by companies related to sustainability and the production of knowledge on progress towards the SDGs.

Since its foundation in September 1986, ABES has sought to be relevant to its associates and a national and international reference in the technology sector. Currently, the entity represents approximately 2 thousand companies, which total about 85% of the revenue of the software and services segment in Brazil, distributed in 22 Brazilian states and the Federal District, responsible for the generation of more than 208 thousand direct jobs and an annual revenue around 63.7 billion in 2019.

Access the ABES Portal or speak to the Relationship Center: +55 (11) 2161-2833.



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