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During the IoT Challenges event, held on November 6, in São Paulo, ABES and ABGI, a strategic management consultancy for financial resources and processes for innovation, launched in partnership the Guide to Fostering Innovation, focusing on the sector technological.
The publication provides updated guidance on obtaining financial resources for technological innovation available in Brazil through bodies such as FINEP, ABDI, Softex, BNDES, among others. They are classified by type of financial support: non-reimbursable resources, reimbursable resources, direct investments or funds, RD&I scholarships and tax incentives.
“ABES and ABGI came together to launch this guide because they believe that fostering innovation is essential for the country's economic development, especially in the new economy based on knowledge and digital transformation”, highlights Francisco Camargo, president of ABES.
Jamile Marques, director of Innovation and Promotion at ABES, stressed that the guide will be available on the entity's Portal and will be constantly updated. She also stressed the importance of the initiative, citing a recent survey carried out among the associates, which revealed that around 50% of them were unaware of the available funding lines. "Our partnership with ABGI allowed us to produce a very didactic and easy to search guide for the best options according to the profile of each company".
The executive also spoke about the lines available at Finep and BNDES and highlighted the advantages of using the BNDES card for software companies: “It is possible to sell and buy software development through the BNDES card, which adds value and innovation both for those who buy and those who sell ”. Access the presentation here
“This project is linked to ABGI's mission, which supports companies in optimizing development investments,” said Maria Carolina Rocha, an innovation specialist at ABGI, who stressed that it is possible to combine more than one source of funding in projects.
Maria Carolina also gave some tips to the more than 60 entrepreneurs and IT professionals present at the event, how to seek the maximum alignment of the innovation strategy and the development strategy and try to maintain a relationship with the development agencies. “The agencies are very open to discuss and guide,” he warns. It also reinforced the importance of partnerships and open innovation, the structuring of processes within the areas involved and constant monitoring.  Access the presentation here.

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