As part of the celebrations of its 30 years, ABES inaugurated, on March 29, a gallery of portraits of the ex-presidents of the association. The goal is to honor the great professionals who have contributed to the entity's successful trajectory over the decades. The portraits are signed by the renowned artist Cirton Genaro, who has a long career in the world of visual arts, with works and exhibitions throughout Brazil and abroad.  Check here the photos of the inauguration event.
The portraits were done in oil painting and each one took approximately one month to complete. “This type of human figure portrait is characterized by realism. The challenge is to portray the person's expressive strength, which manifests itself mainly in the look. It is almost as if I were making a sculpture, but through the brushstrokes on the canvas, in the layers that overlap. It is the art of mastering volume and depth, mastering the play of light and shadow, ”explained Cirton Genaro. In total, there are 8 works of art that make up the gallery. The former presidents honored and the period in which each of them was at the head of ABES are:
Rafael Barajas (in memorian) (1986-1987)


Celso Cordeiro (1987-1991)
Carlos Sacco (1991-1994 and 1995-1997)
Daniel Boacnin (1998-2000)
José de Miranda Dias (2001-2003)
Jorge Sukarie (2004-2006 and 2013-2015)
José Curcelli (in memorian) (2007-2009)
Gérson Schmitt (2010-2012)

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