ABES is one of the 70 signatory entities of the manifesto in favor of a Tax Reform that brings gains for all and that is the result of an effective and transparent dialogue between the economic sectors, civil society, the Federal Government and the parliamentarians. In addition to this action, the entity has held debates in the IT sector on the subject, such as the webinar that is scheduled for 08/12, and created a special group to study the proposals and their impacts with the engagement of its associates. See the full manifesto below:


Tax Reform should seek consensus and bring gains for all

Building a national consensus around tax reform is essential. When more than 75% of the productive sector points out concerns and disagreements about the proposals presented, it is necessary that political leaders stop to listen and reflect.

It is essential to open an effective and transparent dialogue so that we can move forward with solutions that have legitimacy and bring effective benefits to all.

Despite the holding of hearings and contacts with sectors, the construction of texts and solutions has taken place in a very closed way and apparently little balanced in relation to the incorporation of the plurality of views.

It would be unacceptable for a tax reform that would bring significant gains for large companies in a few activities to the detriment of all other companies in Brazil.

The main proposals under discussion (PEC 45/2019 and PL 3887/2020) point to a strong increase in taxes with very negative impacts on the Services sectors, in particular that serve consumers who do not take advantage of credits, in the rural sector, in a significant part of the small and medium-sized enterprises and in several other situations.

If they go ahead as initially formulated, their side effects would be very serious. It would not be just our entrepreneurs, who invested in Brazil, who would be harmed if they go ahead. Consumers would bear a significant part of this cost increase.

However, what worries most would be the closing of millions of jobs, as these sectors and small and medium-sized companies concentrate most of the employment opportunities in the country.

The line of current proposals, with an increase in the burden on most sectors, promises growth, but without adjustments, it will deliver more unemployment.

It is entirely possible to build improvements in the proposals and additional solutions that contribute to the non-increase in taxes on companies and their consumers.

For that, it is necessary that the reports on the legislative proposals are made available for a wide and constructive debate.

Without increasing taxes, simplifying the tax system and encouraging job creation, there is no doubt that Brazil will have better concrete conditions to grow.

In this sense, the signatory entities warn of the risks of the situation and demand that, before voting on the proposals in the legislative branch, there is an effective dialogue in search of consensus that will allow us to proceed with the best possible tax reform for all. We are sure that this is the only path to growth and employment.

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