ABES presented its Contributions to the Electoral and Government Programs 2023-2027, in an event attended by leaders of the presidential candidacies of Ciro Gomes, Lula and Simone Tebet, held on August 10, 2022, highlighting its purpose of helping to build one Brazil More Digital and Less Unequal, and its confidence in the role of information technology as a fundamental agent for the democratization of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities, aiming at a better quality of life for all, in an inclusive and egalitarian way. The full document can be downloaded on here.

In ABES' view, for Brazil to be able to unlock its digital transformation, it is necessary to promote debate and reflections on a regulatory political agenda in the next 4 years, which should be guided by the convergence of its 4 thematic axes: Economy; State and Citizenship; Data, New Technologies and Digital Convergence; International Integration. The document was prepared by Prof. Claudio de Lucena, together with journalists Cristina de Luca and Silvia Bassi, in addition to the involvement of the ABES Regulatory Committee, led by Andriei Gutierrez and Letícia Lewis.

Paulo Milliet Roque, President of ABES

“We need to think about Brazil with ambitious plans to become a digital, competitive, modern, safe and reliable economy. A prosperous future for the country requires the adoption of agile and consistent policies, applicable to a reality where technology and data are increasingly ubiquitous. Therefore, by listening to the candidates' representatives and their proposals, we not only encourage debate, but also help guide what our economy really needs. We thus take advantage of this rich moment of electoral debate to provoke debate on a Project for the Nation that, we hope, will be the object of broad popular participation and a strategic priority for the future Government of Brazil, winner of the October elections. We also think about articulation with state governments and the Legislative Power, in all spheres”, declares Paulo Milliet Roque, President of ABES.

Fabio Rua, Vice President of ABES

Fabio Rua, vice-president of ABES, highlighted that the discussion on the contributions will certainly be deepened. “These proposals need to be evaluated and I make an analogy of these contributions to the impacts of 5G technology: that they bring to our country more speed, more agility and more security from the legal and tax points of view, so that we are able to continue growing, always with dialogue, and attract more investments to the country”, he declared.

In the opinion of Andriei Gutierrez, ABES Regulatory Committee Leader, it is important to think about digital inclusion and universal and quality access to the internet. “It is an essential element of citizenship, and it is necessary to think about public policies for this topic. We need to strengthen governance and safeguard providers' innovation and legal certainty. We need to strengthen 5G coverage, which is important for the industry, and define minimum criteria for the quality of connections. Digital government has advanced a lot in recent decades, and we see that there is a digitalization policy, which needs to remain a priority issue, so that we can advance in the implementation of a digital government, always with transparency and multisectoral participation. We need to take advantage of the digital transformation to engage citizens to take a more active role in defending their political rights and combating digital invisibility. Thus, we will have a nation project that will look at the citizenship of all”, he said.

Watch the event held by ABES and Jota with representatives of the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic: Antonio Neto, representative of candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT); Nelson Fujimoto, representative of candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT); and Susana Kakuta, representative of candidate SIMONE TEBET (PMBD) on our channel on YouTube.

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