Coalition formed by sectors that employ the most in Brazil defends the approval of PL 334/23, which extends the policy until December 2027

Representatives of 17 economic sectors in Brazil published this Wednesday (10) a manifesto expressing support for the approval of PL 334/23, authored by Senator Efraim Filho (União/PB), which advocates maintaining the policy of payroll exemption until December 31, 2027 Among the entities are the Brazilian Association of Software Companies (ABES), the Brazilian Association of Teleservices (ABT) and the Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies (TIC) and Digital Technologies (Brasscom).

The proposal maintains the tax replacement of the conventional social security contribution, 20% on the value of each employee's remuneration, for a single tax on the company's gross revenue.

Initiated in 2011, the payroll tax exemption policy brought significant results to the country's economy, by reducing labor costs and providing greater dynamism to companies. Currently, the initiative includes 17 economic sectors that employ more than 8.9 million workers, including the information technology, civil construction, social communication, public transport, textiles, leather, footwear and call center sectors.

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ABES (Brazilian Association of Software Companies) aims to contribute to the construction of a more digital and less unequal Brazil, in which information technology plays a fundamental role in the democratization of knowledge and the creation of new opportunities for all. In this sense, it aims to ensure a business environment conducive to innovation, ethical, dynamic, sustainable and globally competitive, always in line with its mission to connect, guide, protect and develop the Brazilian information technology market.

ABES currently represents around 2,000 companies, which account for approximately 85% of revenues in the software and services sector in Brazil, distributed across 24 States and the Federal District, responsible for generating more than 228,000 direct jobs and an annual billing of around R$ 87 billion in 2021.

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Representative of one of the most employing sectors in Brazil, with around 1.4 million workers, the Brazilian Association of Teleservices (ABT), founded in 1987, is a pioneer in a market that projects to grow by 30% and increase by R$ 2.5 billion its new revenues by 2027. The segment is one of the most hiring young people, women and black people in the country, fostering diversity on different fronts. In addition to offering first job opportunities, the sector supports professional growth through agreements between contracting organizations and higher education institutions. ABT brings together 19 companies in 18 states and over 50 municipalities. An activity that, with increasing innovation and technology, becomes strategic to boost Brazil's socioeconomic development.

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Brasscom – Association of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Technologies Companies – is a nationally representative non-profit entity that brings together dozens of the largest, most dynamic and innovative ICT companies aligned with the Digital Age. The entity acts to defend and promote the development of the ICT Macrosector and digital technologies, in favor of a Digital, Connected and Innovative Country.

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