The objective of the program is to select and support IT projects that promote innovation and efficiency in fiscal management
and financial of states and municipalities

The National Treasury launches, in partnership with Serpro and Banco do Brasil, the Innovative Fiscal Challenge Program, which aims to improve the fiscal management of states and municipalities, through the development and implementation of technological solutions that promote innovation and efficiency in processes and services from subnational entities. Proponents will have a period of up to 30 calendar days after publication of the notice to become accredited.

The contemplated projects will be able to receive resources, with amounts from R$ 500 thousand to R$ 600 thousand, divided into three stages: “Conception, Requirements Gathering and Design”, “Solution Development and Proof of Concept” and “Testing and Pilot Commercial Application” .

You can participate startups, micro-enterprises and small Brazilian companies, in the area of Information Technology (IT), and proponents must present details about the cooperation work, which may include information on technical capacity, implementation history, among others.

The solutions must contribute significantly to improving the quality of fiscal and financial management of these entities, in addition to having replication potential, so that they are scalable and can be applied in other states and municipalities that have similar challenges.

The first notice of the Innovative Tax Challenge Program divides the solutions into three main fronts:
>> Tax Planning: Development of solutions for short, medium and long-term tax planning, including automated and scalable models for estimating expenses, revenues and cash flows;
>> Database Integration: Technological solutions that improve the integration and consolidation of databases, optimizing processes and cost management;
>> Accounting Management: Solutions for automated checking of accounting consistency and identification of flaws.

According to the Secretary of the National Treasury, Rogério Ceron, “the initiative is the embryo of an unprecedented program of technological innovation in a network aimed at the public sector, through the promotion of startups develop disruptive technological solutions, using Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT technologies, among others”.

For the president of Serpro, Alexandre Amorim, the union of knowledge and experiences of the institutions and companies involved is a differentiator that drives innovation. “We will broaden our horizons in search of innovative solutions, aiming to further improve fiscal management in the country. And the interaction with startups and other companies marks this opening of space to the intelligence and new ideas of Brazilian entrepreneurship”, he declares.

The Program, operated by Banco do Brasil, takes place within the scope of Ordinances MF nº 808/2023 and STN/MF nº 1,478/2023, regulations of the Ministry of Finance that aim to encourage support from financial institutions to states and municipalities in public management issues . According to regulations, the granting of Union guarantees in credit operations contracted by states, the Federal District and municipalities is subject to counterparts from financial institutions.

For Márcio Chiumento, General Manager of the Government Strategy Unit at Banco do Brasil, “BB is the biggest partner in the Public Sector. Being together with Serpro and STN in the Innovative Fiscal Challenge reinforces BB's commitment and pioneering spirit in bringing solutions that will promote efficiency in the processes of subnational entities so that they can deliver better services to the population, providing citizens with a better interaction experience with public authorities.”

Subsequently, a webinar to present program details. The dates will soon be announced on the Innovative Fiscal Challenge page, as well as on the National Treasury Secretariat's networks and platforms.

All details and challenges are available via Serpro's InovaStudio platform, at the website STN Challenge.

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