Research, proposals and opinions

As part of its objectives of working to claim the claims of the segment and acting in defense of the interests of its members and the Brazilian Software and Services Industry, ABES promotes and supports the realization of proposals, studies and research of sectorial interest, in addition to request legal opinions on relevant matters, which impact on the conduct of business and the development of companies.
The documents resulting from these initiatives are available for consultation at the links below. Feel free to call the ABES Relationship Center in order to suggest topics that contribute to the expansion of this service.
  • Result of Management Diagnosis, a survey conducted by ABES in partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral, carried out between the months of March and April 2021, which indicates the weaknesses and strengths in the management models that predominate in the ICT sector. Click on here to download.


  • Result of survey conducted in Brazil on universal character acceptance in website domain names, which was presented at the ICANN meeting - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, entity that coordinates the Internet in the world. The mentioned sites were selected at random. This study is part of a global ICANN project. Through the Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG - Universal Acceptance Steering Group), which coordinates the transition to accepting non-Latin characters for Internet domain names, such as Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic (Russia), Greek characters, etc. Click on here to download.


  • Accessibility research carried out by ABES with the associates in partnership with the Secretariat of People with Disabilities of the Municipality of São Paulo. Result released in October / 2018. Click on here to download.


  • This document is an executive summary of the study "The Future in the Digital Economy", which lists priority and suggested public policies for Brazil to achieve its “Digital Independence” already in 2022, the year that marks the 200th anniversary of Brazil's independence. The document, which was released in the 8th edition of ABES SOFTWARE CONFERENCE, held on 08/20/2018, and delivered to candidates for the Presidency of the Republic. It was prepared by Think Tank Brasil 2022, composed of some of the most influential names in the IT sector: Dr. Deana Weikersheimer, professor at FGV and lawyer with extensive experience in the software area; Dr. Dorothea Werneck, former Minister for Industry and Commerce and Labor; Marcelo Pagotti, former SETIC secretary at the Ministry of Planning; Patricia Pessi, former Director of Electronic Government at SLTI (now SETIC) of the Ministry of Planning; Rodolfo Fucher, former director of Public Policy at Microsoft; and Vanda Scartezini, engineer and advisor at ABES, former secretary of Informatics Policy [SEPIN, current SEPOD] at MCTIC and former secretary of Industrial Technology [STI] at MDIC. Three other ABES executives collaborated in reviewing the study: Francisco Camargo, President; Anselmo Gentile, Executive Director and Manoel Antônio Dos Santos, Legal Director. Click on here to download.


  • ABES carried out the Financing Access Survey, between September and October 2016, with technology companies from all regions of the country, in order to understand how these companies have been refinancing themselves in the Brazilian market. Click on here to download.


  • ABES promoted, between September / October 2015, a survey on SaaS (software as a service), conducted by the thematic committee of the entity. This is the first study dedicated to the segment in Brazil, which aims to assess the degree of maturity of Brazilian companies that offer solutions in the cloud and foster innovation. If you are an ABES member, click here to access the full survey. If not, fill in the registration form at this link and download the results of this study, valuable content for businessmen and entrepreneurs in the sector. Reproduction of the material is permitted, provided the source is acknowledged.


  • “For a Digital and Competitive Brazil”, plan prepared by ABES, Assespro, Brasscom and Sindpd and delivered to candidates for the presidency and other public positions in the 2014 elections. The document presents actions aimed at stimulating the development of the Brazilian Information and Communication Technology market. Click on here to download.